Monday, 26 April 2010

Czech Republic Judging

I am just back from my weekend in the Czech Republic judging at a show near Brno. It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed my time there. It was great to see so many breeds of dogs and also the handlers enjoying the courses too.

I thought everyone did well and was impressed with the standard of the dogs. My thanks go to Carlo Magnoli and Martina Klimesova for looking after me over the weekend.

Here is the link to Martina’s website. I recommend watching the video’s page as it is inspiring seeing her work her dogs and get them to give every ounce of effort is fantastic! - (click on the video's tab)

My final course from the Czech Republic

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Weekend Update


Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone who qualified on Sunday at the EO selection day, well done to you all.

Sadly I was not so lucky, Scott went clear in the first jumping round and scored points, but was sore after his broken toe. It was just too much for him to do four runs, so I withdrew him after the first run. We tried very hard to get fit again for the selection day, but it came a little too soon after his recovery.

You have to put your dogs first, and I know I had made the right decision. Scott will try out for the worlds instead!

I am now very concerned about this weekend. I am due to fly to the Czech Republic on Thursday, but it looks less and less likely that I will get there. Hopefully things can improve over the next day or so.

Well done to Anna-Stina and Dot (Oakmeadow Deep Desire) for winning grade 6 jumping on Saturday, also would have won the G7 class too! I was very pleased for you. Good luck for the trials in Finland in the summer for the national team and championships etc!

Well done to Clare Donnelly and Zac for there second jumping win in as many shows. Zac is looking very good now.

For now, I am glued to Sky News and checking on the KLM/Air France Website. Oh joys, however at least I am not stuck at Frankfurt again, fun memories of that one haha!


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ready for the weekend


This weekend is the Agility For Briton show in Daventry. As most of you know I had less than ideal preparation and just being in the event is now a bonus. I am looking forward to the show and hopefully we can run in the EO event Sunday.

This time next week I am off to the Czech Republic to judge which I am looking forward too.

Good luck to everyone this weekend.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dundee Show 10th / 11th April

This weekend I have been competing and judging in Dundee, Scotland. It has been a great weekend, with lovely weather and some interesting courses!

Sunday I judged 1-4 Agility and 6-7 Jumping. Both courses are below, as well as a course from Saturday (6&7 Jumping) which is possibly the most bizzarre course pattern I have ever done. It had wings touching!

This course was fun, and it drew a huge crowd. Jack managed to get 3rd place in it, although I did nearly lose him after the first pull through towards the second tunnel.

My 6-7 Jumping (Above)

My 1-4 Agility Course (Above)
Toni Lock's 6-7 Jumping from Saturday. Jack was 3rd in this class.

We have had a great time in Scotland, the show was lovely and the people have been great. Except for the 7 hour drive, its been a pleasure!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

TAG show, update and my new broadband!


It has been a while since I wrote on here, but hopefully that will all change now. I have broadband at home now thanks to a rather huge satellite and a lot of cash.. but I am writing this from the comfort of my own bedroom.

I have been very busy training recently and done a lot of lessons, but what I am most pleased about is how well everyone did at the recent TAG agility show.

Here is the results list, I hope I aint missed anyone off, it is a bit hard to remember them all.. so here goes:

Ray & Spike – Won and now Grade 7. Fantastic, what a pair.
Joyce and Pepper – Won and now Grade 6. Just a brilliant result and made me so proud.
Janet & Codi – Won and now Grade 3. I rewarded Janet for improving last year, and she has not stopped! Brilliant!

Georgina & Spud Won and now grade 5
Tanya & Amber - Won Agility & Jumping
Dawn & Floss - Won and now grade 3
Clare & Zac – Won grade 3 jumping. The first of many!
Nina & Scoobie – 2nd G3
Wendy & Maisy – 3rd in Grade 6
Alice & Pip – 1st place in Agility Grade 7
Ceri & Kelta / Tek – Kelta, Lyn with Flynn, David with Cae, David & Amber, Miranda & Fly, Barry & Kip were also 3rd I think!

I am sure I have forgotten some, and that is not on purpose. Well I have just remembered that Jack won a grade 6&7 Jumping, and Che was 5th!!

Scott’s injury is better, just got to get him fit now. He has been very very frustrated recently!

Well done everyone.