Monday, 21 November 2011

Superseminar review Sunday 20th November

Superseminar review Sunday 20th November


So for this post no more tales of the supermarket. I haven’t had chance to carry out any new household tasks either, so for now it is all about the agility!

Sunday was the seminar in Worcester. Firstly I would like to say thank you to Alison Naylor and Helen brown for helping me organise the day.

We started at 9.30am with the g3-5 groups split in to two groups of 5, one working with me and the other on free practice on a exercise I had set up. The groups then swapped over.

I then changed the exercise and repeated the process so that everyone on the day got to work 4 exercises, but with specific themes and points being made throughout.

The format for the grades 5-7 session was the same, although the exercises were slightly more advanced for the higher grades.

The themes of the day were

·         Line selection

·         Drive and send away

·         Discrimination

To enable practice specifically on these things I designed sequences that were technically difficult but worked the correct way, enabled a good line and maximum drive, acceleration and deceleration.

Thank you for the great feed back I recieved afterwards. Am always happy that my students go away with hard work done but also a desire to practice whats been learnt, that is a vital part for me.

Course plans were handed out at the end of each of the sessions (morning & afternoon).

Below is a plan of 2 exercises out of the 8 practiced throughout the day.

This week is lessons, followed by a weekend down south with Marc Saunders as we take on our second training day in Horsham, following the success of the first one back in October.