Monday, 13 December 2010

LGT Xmas meal

Last Saturday was the LGT Christmas meal, which proved to be a good night. Here are a few of pictures from the night thanks to David Williams.

Training is still hit and miss due to the frozen ground. It has not been as warm as promised and the weather is set to return to cold as we go through the week. Check before with me re training.
One of my website names seems to be down, but my site via .com is still up and running, so please use

Thursday, 9 December 2010

December 9th Update


Well the last two weeks have been very difficult, the weather has been very bad at home and the surrounding area, so I have not been able to do any training at all.

The situation across the UK has been difficult, and several shows were cancelled as many areas of the country were impassable.

I have been sending DVD’s across the UK and Europe over the last few days, ready for Christmas. Other than that is has not been a very productive few days at all.

The LGT Xmas meal is this weekend on Saturday, which I am looking forward to. It should be good fun and with the forecast of warmer temperatures at least for the weekend, then there should be no problems there at least.

I am hoping that maybe next week I am able to do some training of some sort, but I am not too hopeful because of how frozen the ground is deep down.

For now, stay safe and see everyone soon... hopefully!


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Great Christmas Gift Idea: The LGT Workshop DVD


Looking for the ideal Agility Christmas gift? Then look no further than my Workshop Training DVD. The DVD is over 70 minutes long and is packed with exercises, handling tips, slow motion analysis and essential training information.

The DVD has 6 separate sections, with exercises and training given on Contacts, Waits, Common Course Traps, Obstacle discrimination, Weaves and even Full Courses.

The format of the DVD allows you to look at each section individually, and work through at your own pace. Course and exercise plans can be downloaded from and you can refer back to the DVD simply by selection which chapter, or training section you wish to view.

Here are two sample review of the Workshop DVD:

I got your DVD since a few days and today I got time to look. There are many items in it I like and that I can use in my exercises.

Also things I knew from experience but nobody told me why to do so and now you just told me why it is so in your DVD. So thank you and of course I hope the next DVD will follow very soon...

Regards from me and be sure I will motivate the people in my class to run your way

Serge - Belgium

This is the first agility DVD I've bought and it was recommended to me by a friend and I must say its addictive. You can't stop watching it, there's so much to take from it. I have only been doing agility for a year and the DVD was a real eye opener and I can't wait to start training what I have learned. Many thanks and super quick delivery

Kathryn Birch – Banbury

The Workshop DVD can be ordered directly from me through  , and I will personally dispatch the DVD in time for Christmas (If ordered before mid December, if ordered after I cannot guarantee that it will arrive before but I will try and dispatch as soon as possible)

Priced at £21 inc delivery, the DVD offers fantastic value for money and will help with training for all levels. I hope you enjoy the LGT Workshop DVD.

Here is a trailer of the DVD, from YouTube. Please be aware of copyright law on the LGT Workshop DVD.

Many, many thanks for your support.

Lee Gibson

Monday, 29 November 2010

Update Monday 29th Nov


The main news to update is that I haven’t been able to do anything much lately because of the weather conditions! The cold snap that has hit the country has made it impossible to drive up to my house unless you have a 4x4, and the ground on the course has been frozen solid since last Thursday (25th November) meaning I lost the whole weekends training and looking at the forecast, the whole or at least most of this week.

It is a lovely sight indeed the snow, and we walked the dogs over the hill Saturday. They loved it and had a good time, but it does very much hamper doing any constructive training. I think the water table is very high in the surrounding hills and that was partly why the course was so wet recently, and with the drop in temperature (we had -8 on Saturday night) the frozen ground is now several inches deep.

I hope I have some good news to report soon, but currently there seems no respite in the snow and ice. Stay safe. Lee

Monday, 15 November 2010


Its been a while.. but all is good.

Just back from a weekend training in Norway (Stavanger) with a great group of people. We focused on specific things and built on the key skills. The dogs all improved well.

Here are the course plans from the BSD selection day a week ago, which I judged.

Regards for now


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Friday, 5 November 2010

Hereford C/plan & Update

This is the plan from last Tuesdays (November 2nd) training night in Hereford. Brilliant for making us send our dogs away from us. I took the idea from a course in Denmark I ran this summer, but changed bits of it to make it a good training exercise.

This Saturday I have a training day, and on Sunday I am Judging for the GB team of GSD's on the selection day for the 2011 championships.

Its been a good week training.


Monday, 25 October 2010

Tonsberg Show & (selection of course plans)

I have spent the last two days judging at Tonsberg show, after a week of training seminars. I have uploaded some of the course plans below. I also used two of these course plans at TAG show last weekend at Shrewsbury show ground as Grade 6&7 Graded Agility.

 Class 3 (Above) also TAG 6&7 Graded
 Class 3 Small (Above) Also TAG 6&7 Graded

 Class 2 (Above)
Class 2 (Above) 

Thanks to everyone for making my stay in Tonsberg so much fun. It has been great to do the training seminars and then judge at the show, which was great.

Regards - Lee

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Norway Day 1


This post is coming from Tonsberg Norway where I am staying for a week to do training and then judging at the Tonsberg Club show at the weekend.

I flew from Liverpool to Torp this morning (Tuesday) and did the first of six 3 hour training sessions this evening, concentrating mainly on weaves.

Last weekend I judged at TAG show Saturday and competed Sunday, having 4 clears out of 6 and a 3rd place. My courses I will load up later on, after the weekend.

Its fairly cold here, and we are training outside, but the colours and scenery are stunning. It is also nice to be amongst my friends who I have trained before.

Bye for now, I am getting an early night!


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Training update


I have been busy with lessons and also getting ready for TAG show this weekend and then my week in Norway (19th - 26th).
I have planned two events here at LGT.

Sunday 31st October which is open to everyone who trains with me already & Saturday 6th November which is open to all (grade3 & above or competent people I train at lower grades) which is a handling seminar on complex and unusual sequences. Please email me to book your place as I wont have a massive group of handlers.
I am also starting classes on a Thursday morning, again open to those who train here with me.

The dogs are all keeping well. I have some new floodlights. Thanks to David Williams for these pictures of night training:

Friday, 1 October 2010

Show Results & Update

It has been a while since I have written on here, but I will try and update what has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

I would like to say good luck to the British team in the World Championships this weekend, thinking of you all!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the following (stand out) results:

Jack – Trent Park 9th EO ranking class, 2n G7 Jumping, Devon Dogs 3rd Open Agility, Honiton 2nd EO ranking class

Scott – Bromsgrove 2nd G7 Agility, Trent Park 4th G7 Agility, 10th EO ranking class, 3rd G7 Jumping, Devon Dogs & Honiton 3 x 1st Places in Jumping classes.

I was chasing points for the EO selection day, and I have ended up with Jack picking up 11 in the last two events. Scott only has 3 which I am gutted about, but I am glad Jack has 11. He has been doing very well recently. I also had to spend 2 & half hours on the M5 driving down to the show. We were so bored we walked the dogs along the centeral barrier! We arrived at the B&B at 1am. A very long night.

I have been busy training and also installing some more floodlights to my course, this will make the night training sessions a lot better. The lift in lighting is amazing.

No shows now until TAG show in October, and then I am off to Norway for a week.

*A huge well done to all of my students who won and had high places at the recent shows. I am very proud. Too many to list, really(!) but very well done. Keep up the good work*


Wednesday, 15 September 2010


At Gillingham I managed to get a couple of EO points, which was great as I am trying to get as many as possible (we had none before).

Jack had a double clear in championship class, but didn't qualify for the final. Scott knocked the last pole down in the jumping section. He also took poles in the Crufts qualifier, which means we now wont be at Crufts next year.. too bad.

This week has been busy training, with some very rough weather at times!

Best wishes - Lee

Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday 10th Sep

This weekend I am at Gillingham show. We have Championship Class, EO qualifier and a Crufts Singles class, so its a pretty important weekend! I have done quite a bit of training this week, so hopefully we can get some good results, although the competition will be tough!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

This weeks training course plan

This course plan is for reference. I have been using it this week, and there are also many exercises to try.

The weather in Shropshire has been unsettled to say the least this week. I hope its better for the weekend, I am at Gillingham show.


Monday, 6 September 2010

Weekend Pics Pres Park

Thanks to David Williams for the pics
Jack had a 2nd in g7 Agility. That was our best result. Well dont to Alice Moodie and Pip (Crufts YKC) & Georgina Baker & Spud for qualifing for Crufts YKC & Olympia this weekend. Very well done.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dog Vegas

I am now back from 4 days up at Dog Vegas, it was a great show (as always) and my dogs did very well. Scott had 3 wins, Jack had 1 and a 3rd. They really worked well.

Well done also to Ceri Jones and David Russel. Ceri won to g7 with Celta and David won several grade 7 classes. It was a really nice few days.

On the Saturday evening, I judged the Vegas 3-5 Large dog final. I will upload the courseplan up here a little later on. It was a great honour to judge and I thought everyone did very well in the final, with some great winning runs, and some so very close ones, that deserved better.

Next weekend is Prestbury Park show.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dashin Dogs Tues 24th Weds 25th Aug

Had two days at Dashing dogs this week, mainly for training a few things. Infact we did not manage a clear until the very last run Wednesday (after I arrived late due to alarm failure!) however Scott won Combined 6&7 Jumping, it was a great run so I am happy now.

Tomorrow we leave for Dog Vegas up in Scunthorpe. We compete Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Video of KC 67EO course pt1 Large 1st & 2nd place

KC Agility Festival 2010, Zen & Hitti @ Yahoo! Video



What a great 10 days I have just had. Competing and judging at both the KC & DINAS. My dogs ran very well. The highlights being qualifying at the KC fest to run in the British Open final, and the England team. However I had to withdraw due to judging on the Sunday. I was judging the EO qualifier class.

Here is a Video of Visnja Deci from Croatia, winning the Medium class. (Notice me in my slick suit!)

Here is the course plan:

At Dogs In Need, Jack was 5th in the Championship final, he was the 2nd best dog over the 2 qualifying rounds which was a brilliant effort.

I judged G7 jumping as one of my classes at DINAS also, here is the course plan for that course:

There will be some video's from some of my runs coming soon, but they are not ready yet. There is one video on my Facebook Wall, which is of Jack in the jumping section of the Champ class, he came 5th.

This week, I have Dashin Dogs for 2 days and then Dog Vegas show, Fri, Sat, Sun & Monday. I am judging the Vegas Final Saturday night.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Action Pictures Scott & Jack

Thanks to Maia Fossum for sending me these pictures of the dogs from Fionia Cup.

Agility Club Show & Norway

I am sat in the sun in Norway writing this. I have been slack recently updating my blog so today I have uploaded the courses from Fionia cup and some training plans.

Scott was 3rd in the DFS Crufts Singles on Sunday at the Agility club show. We also had 13th in the Olympia class. If we had been 0.6 quicker would have been top 5, the times were that tight.

I did not manage to make the championship final, but was happy with how both Jack & Scott worked. It was a good weekend.

Yesterday (Tues 3rd) I flew from Liverpool to Oslo Torp, and and now staying in Tonsberg and doing 4 days of seminars. We started last night, with a concentrated session on weaves and the seesaw. Today I have 2 x 3 hour sessions, starting this afternoon.

I fly on to Helsinki on Friday and then return to the UK next Monday. I am looking forward to the next set of shows, the KC festival and then Dogs In Need. They will be really good.

Best wishes.. Lee

Course Viewing

I have just been checking my course plans. To view the courses click on the course image, this will enlarge it! This is far better than the small image which is on the blog front page!

Chesterfield Training Night Weds 28th July

As promised this is the course plan from last Wednesday night for those of you on my seminar in Chesterfield.

Fionia Cup Courses

Class 3 Jumping (Fri)

Class 2 Jumping (Thurs)

Class 1 Jumping (Thurs)

Open Agility (Sat)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010



Again I am slow to update the blog, but I have had a huge amount of training on this week.. including a night in Chesterfield (course plan will be uploaded here soon).

Weardale show was a nice show, but we had faults in the classes that mattered. Worse of all the Championship final, for which I was r/order 19.. a brick out the wall, the long jump & the spread all down. Gutted. Then a brick out in the Olympia qualifier class.. so we still have no semi final!

This weekend is the Agility Club show.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

LGT Update Fionia & Rugby


Wow its been a while since I wrote on here..

What a fantastic week in Denmark at Fionia Cup. I was happy to meet so many lovely people and have so much fun. The dogs worked so well and I even made it back for Rugby Champ class, which I arrived for 6 dogs before my run, and went clear!

At Fionia Cup Scott qualified in first place for the end of week final, but we had two poles down, it was a lovely run though.
In Fionia Cup I had the following results:

Taddymoor Scott:

Open Agility – Joint 1st
Class 3 Jumping – 2nd
Open Jumping – 3rd
Open Agility – Joint 3rd

Taddymoor Jack
Class 3 Jumping – 8th
Open Agility – top 20 place I can’t remember which!

I drove all the way from Fionia Cup 840 miles over Friday night to get to the show at Rugby for the championship class. I managed to get into the championship final, unfortunately having one pole down, but was a good weekend.

Next weekend is Weardale show. It is very wet in Shropshire at the moment, so my lessons are quite wet!

Thanks to Emelie Norrman for taking the pictures. They are super!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Fionia Cup Update: 2nd & 3rd

On Tuesday I managed to make the podium twice, Scott had 2 excellend runs, coming 3rd in the open class and 2nd in the class 3 jumping. We had a 5r in the agility which was my error but the run was lovely.

Today has been a rest day after an epic party night, and I mean epic! Tomorrow I am judging for most of the day so doubt il get to run anything.


Monday, 12 July 2010

Fionia Cup Update

Up to Monday 12th:
Hello from Denmark.

I arrived safely after an epic journey from the UK. I left on Friday at 8pm on the Eurotunnel (it had taken me 7 hours to get to there!) and I drove until 5.30am Saturday morning (with a few coffee breaks!) but it ment I avoided traffic in Hamburg especially.

I judged yesterday the open class. It was a good course and made people work, but also kept a good flow as all levels were in the class.

I also ran my dogs in the afternoon. Scott was wild in the agility (2 poles) and he clipped one in the jumping. I got a big clap so I was convinced I was clear, but in fact he had taken a pole. Jack was clear and we came 8th in the class 3 jumping.
This morning (Monday) I have been competing. I am not judging until Thursday now, so today and tomorrow I can compete properly. However both of this morning’s runs were bad. Scott was even more wild and took a pole as well as trying to take every jump off course. Jack missed the flat tunnel out.

I have class 3 agility and jumping with Scott in a bit, and class 3 jumping with Jack later also.

I will come back and update later in the week.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fionia Cup

This Friday I am driving to Denmark for the Fionia Cup event, held in Ringe. I am judging and also competing for the week with Jack & Scott, it should be a good week. I am very much looking forward to it.

Last weekend, Scott made the Championship final, and had 2 x 5th & 2 x 6th places, which I was pleased with as some courses were very hard.

I will try and update but not sure if I will have the net in Denmark. For now.. goodbye!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This weekend was the trials for the worlds.

Over the course of the four runs I had 2 x 4th places, a 5r and then I pushed Scott a bit too hard at in the final run, and we got ‘Ed’.

All of Scott’s runs were great and the two little mistakes cost us, as well as the somewhat dubious scoring system that was used at the events, where clear rounds did not score points, and 5f did... a little confusing indeed. Our selection day has always been run this way, with 4 runs over 1 day.

Congratulations to all the team members who qualified, it is a very strong team going in all three height categories. Well done.

Next weekend is Tuffley show.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Agility for Britain Show

This weekend I am at the agility for Britain show at Daventry, where it is the qualification event for the British Team to take part in the world championships.

The event is Sunday, and also now clashes with the England match. Saturday is just normal classes.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tallinn (Estonia) Pictures

Just a selection of pictures I took from the show, training and around Tallinn, which is a lovely City. I would very much like to return one day!
Right now.. I am in Bergen, Norway. I have started the second half of my 'Europe' week and completed the 6 seperate flight of the last 7 days this evening. Tomorrow will be spend relaxing and watching England!!!
Saturday & Sunday I am judging at the agility show here in Bergen.