Thursday, 5 September 2013

LGT fun competition Saturday 28th September 2013

LGT Fun competition Saturday 28th September 2013

Held at my LGT venue, Shropshire. Post code SY50SR.

This is a general invite to anyone wishing to come for a fun competition on the last Saturday of September.

We will have 4 classes, with all the courses aimed at grade 5/6 level but all courses will be suitable for an Open agility class.

We will have the following classes (not necessarily in this order):

Agility Open

Agility Open 2

Jumping Open

Jumping Open 2

1st 2nd & 3rd place overall prize all heights combined! Time calculated. Each 5 Faults equal 5 second addition. Elimination = 1 min course time!

If time we may have a 5th class too.

You may train in the ring if you wish (you will obviously be eliminated but allowed to carry on), it is a very relaxed event I am running that is as much about fun as the agility.

I only have parking room for around 15 / 20 dogs.

First come first served.

£15 per handler and dog (this fee covers all 4 classes). Second dog with same handler can run for £5 extra. Third dog with same handler can run for £2.50 extra!

Please email me at to sign up for the event!

Look forward to seeing you there.