Monday, 29 November 2010

Update Monday 29th Nov


The main news to update is that I haven’t been able to do anything much lately because of the weather conditions! The cold snap that has hit the country has made it impossible to drive up to my house unless you have a 4x4, and the ground on the course has been frozen solid since last Thursday (25th November) meaning I lost the whole weekends training and looking at the forecast, the whole or at least most of this week.

It is a lovely sight indeed the snow, and we walked the dogs over the hill Saturday. They loved it and had a good time, but it does very much hamper doing any constructive training. I think the water table is very high in the surrounding hills and that was partly why the course was so wet recently, and with the drop in temperature (we had -8 on Saturday night) the frozen ground is now several inches deep.

I hope I have some good news to report soon, but currently there seems no respite in the snow and ice. Stay safe. Lee