Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dog Vegas

I am now back from 4 days up at Dog Vegas, it was a great show (as always) and my dogs did very well. Scott had 3 wins, Jack had 1 and a 3rd. They really worked well.

Well done also to Ceri Jones and David Russel. Ceri won to g7 with Celta and David won several grade 7 classes. It was a really nice few days.

On the Saturday evening, I judged the Vegas 3-5 Large dog final. I will upload the courseplan up here a little later on. It was a great honour to judge and I thought everyone did very well in the final, with some great winning runs, and some so very close ones, that deserved better.

Next weekend is Prestbury Park show.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dashin Dogs Tues 24th Weds 25th Aug

Had two days at Dashing dogs this week, mainly for training a few things. Infact we did not manage a clear until the very last run Wednesday (after I arrived late due to alarm failure!) however Scott won Combined 6&7 Jumping, it was a great run so I am happy now.

Tomorrow we leave for Dog Vegas up in Scunthorpe. We compete Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Video of KC 67EO course pt1 Large 1st & 2nd place

KC Agility Festival 2010, Zen & Hitti @ Yahoo! Video



What a great 10 days I have just had. Competing and judging at both the KC & DINAS. My dogs ran very well. The highlights being qualifying at the KC fest to run in the British Open final, and the England team. However I had to withdraw due to judging on the Sunday. I was judging the EO qualifier class.

Here is a Video of Visnja Deci from Croatia, winning the Medium class. (Notice me in my slick suit!)

Here is the course plan:

At Dogs In Need, Jack was 5th in the Championship final, he was the 2nd best dog over the 2 qualifying rounds which was a brilliant effort.

I judged G7 jumping as one of my classes at DINAS also, here is the course plan for that course:

There will be some video's from some of my runs coming soon, but they are not ready yet. There is one video on my Facebook Wall, which is of Jack in the jumping section of the Champ class, he came 5th.

This week, I have Dashin Dogs for 2 days and then Dog Vegas show, Fri, Sat, Sun & Monday. I am judging the Vegas Final Saturday night.



Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Action Pictures Scott & Jack

Thanks to Maia Fossum for sending me these pictures of the dogs from Fionia Cup.

Agility Club Show & Norway

I am sat in the sun in Norway writing this. I have been slack recently updating my blog so today I have uploaded the courses from Fionia cup and some training plans.

Scott was 3rd in the DFS Crufts Singles on Sunday at the Agility club show. We also had 13th in the Olympia class. If we had been 0.6 quicker would have been top 5, the times were that tight.

I did not manage to make the championship final, but was happy with how both Jack & Scott worked. It was a good weekend.

Yesterday (Tues 3rd) I flew from Liverpool to Oslo Torp, and and now staying in Tonsberg and doing 4 days of seminars. We started last night, with a concentrated session on weaves and the seesaw. Today I have 2 x 3 hour sessions, starting this afternoon.

I fly on to Helsinki on Friday and then return to the UK next Monday. I am looking forward to the next set of shows, the KC festival and then Dogs In Need. They will be really good.

Best wishes.. Lee


Course Viewing

I have just been checking my course plans. To view the courses click on the course image, this will enlarge it! This is far better than the small image which is on the blog front page!

Chesterfield Training Night Weds 28th July

As promised this is the course plan from last Wednesday night for those of you on my seminar in Chesterfield.


Fionia Cup Courses

Class 3 Jumping (Fri)

Class 2 Jumping (Thurs)

Class 1 Jumping (Thurs)

Open Agility (Sat)