Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011

Thames Show & Barbie and the Cheeky Girls

I had a fantastic weekend at Thames. Not only was the company fantastic and show great fun, but my results were really pleasing.

Scott finished 3rd in the Championship final, just behind Ian Jackson and winner Anthony Clarke. It was a great final and I was very pleased, although winning until 3 dogs from the end was also nail biting!

One Sunday, the heavens opened and the rains came down, but I was determined to do well and after warming up with a 5-7 Jumping win with Scott, I managed to do a stunning round it the Olympia class (part2) and won that also. I had watched some very good runs despite the wet, but Scott flew around and I am now happy that I have qualified for both Olympia semi finals!

Now, the bit you have been waiting for..

As part of our fund raising for 8 of us travelling to the EO in Austria, Anthony Clarke, Jo Tristram and myself had been nominated to dress up as Barbie (Jo) and pop double act, the Cheeky Gilrs. We ran ALL of our classes in the outfit, including the CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL (which Anthony won! & I was 3rd in) in order to get people to donate just a little, to help with our travel costs.


Please though, we need to keep building up our funds, so at Tuffley & Rugby it is the turn of Lucy Osborne, Sian Illingworth, Dave Leach & Shaun Young. Hopefully they will be as humiliated as us haha!

We have an online donation PayPal account – we would really appreciate any support.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How to donate to team GB as we lose any fashion respect in the ring this Sunday!


So it appears myself & Anthony Clarke will be the "Cheeky Girls" on Sunday at Thames as along with some other members of the GB EO Team we bid to raise some funds for our trip to compete in Austria in July.

Please click and donate just a little, we really really do value the support.


Also see facebook for more ideas for some of the other members!


Monday, 6 June 2011

This weekend at Thames will be sooooo funny...& hugely embarrassing!!

Hinkley Show:

I managed to make silly errors in the Championship course, and the Olympia qualifier, but did get a 2nd, 3rd, 9th (Crufts qualifier) and 20th place with Scott & Jack over the weekend, so it was handling mistakes again.. I need to concentrate better I think!

The show was good, it always is an enjoyable show. Today I had a really good training session with Scott, and tomorrow night I have classes again.

I need some help...

As a fund raiser for the up coming EO trip where I am part of a fantastic GB team, some of us are going to bow down to the public vote and run our dogs all day Sunday in fancy dress..

The vote is on Facebook and I also believe will be featured on agilitynet.co.uk this week. If your on facebook get involved with some ideas.

GET INVOLVED - Get a chance to see the following GB team members in Fancy Dress on Sunday of the Thames Show.

Ant Clarke
Lee Gibson
Dave Leach
Shawn Young
Sian Illingworth
Jo Tristram
Lucy Osborne
Candice Robinson

How to 'Get Involved'. Comment below with your ideas (keep it reasonably clean) The idea with the most likes is what we will do. We will be collecting all weekend at thames, don't worry if you're not there you can donate by following the link that I will post below shortly. GET INVOLVED - help fund the above team members!

We are not asking for a lot, if everyone at the show & who reads this here and on facebook donated just 50p, we would have enough for all the fuel costs, Eurotunnel costs and travel to and from Austria.

Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you.


Friday, 3 June 2011



This weekend I am off to Hinkley show. Its a big show with plenty of qualifier classes and a Champ class also.

Last Tuesday the indoor classes went well, it was a good start but for the first few weeks it will be seeing how everything pans out, but i was happy at the end of the first night.

Will try and take some video's this weekend as only managed to video the bad runs last weekend, and didn't film the better runs Sunday!