Friday, 11 June 2010

Arrived Safe


Just an update that I have arrived here in Tallin all okay. It seems lovely so far and I have a great appartment here in the middle of the town!

Both flights were bumpy today, to do with the changing wind was what we kept getting told!!

Looking forward to the weekend.


Flying to Estonia


Its Friday 11th June, the first day of the World Cup! Today is also important as I am flying to Estonia for a weekend of Judging and training. I am judging all the classes over Saturday & Sunday, and then on Monday and Tuesday doing some training sessions.

We have made arrangements to try and watch the England v USA match tomorrow evening, with Estonia being +2 hours ahead of England (UK) I will be finished nice and early ready to watch the match.

I am looking forward to seeing what agility is like in Estonia, and how they do things. It should be a fun experience.

I should arrive by 5pm local time on Friday evening.