Saturday, 28 January 2012

LGT SuperSeminar 28th January 2012

For those that dont know, we had a small error during the week whilst in SA.. the error being arriving 24 hours late for our flight home! My planning skills for once had failed me, and we were looking at a huge sum to get home. Thankfully Jason and Nikki allowed us to stay with them for another day or so, and after some internet comparing, searching etc... found much cheaper return flights whuch took us over night on Thursday and through Dubai. I got home at 4.30pm Friday evening. Two days late, but at least in time for the Saturday seminar!

Sso fter a hectic week I have managed to get back to the UK and in time for my training course in Worcester which was Saturday.

As I have not had time to copy the exercise plans, they are loaded up on here for the handlers on today's seminar to download and print.

Here are the exercise plans from today's seminar in Worcester.

Morning Session Above

Afternoon Session Above

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Agility Class 1,2,3 Course Plans From J'burg Show

Hello, I judged on Sunday here in South Africa. I have attached the course plans below from the agility rounds. Please enjoy using them. (the Long Jump and number 3 swapped places)

We have spent the last 2 days at Sun City. It was so much fun we had a great time. Sun City is a huge water park near Rustenburg. Tomorrow we will leave... it has gone so quickly. We leave very very late in the evening though, and will return to the UK on Thursday afternoon. Lee

Saturday, 21 January 2012

In Video's The Most Fantastic Day

Well it is hard to sum up today in words... it is also quite late but I have pooled a few of todays video's together, which show us meeting the elephants, as well as watching the cheetah's sprinting. We had such an amazing day and saw so much wild life.. Lucy has 100's of pictures and we will do our best to get them uploaded (or at least the best ones!) for now check my facebook and enjoy these vidoes!
Sunday 22nd January I am judging a Agility show in Jo'burg. I will post the courses afterwards.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Judges Course Johannesburg 19th January


It has been going well with the training here in Johannesburg. The humidity is more noticeable when training. Yesterday I managed 3 litres of water within 2 hours of training… showering ever night is very nice!

Today is the last day of training, and then Saturday we are going to a wildlife park. Should be fun. On Sunday I am judging a show (proper FCI show for the SA Kennel Club) but it wont take all day.

Lucy has been a bit better than me at updating her blog! You can read her blog at

Last night I conducted a judging seminar and we did lots of course analysis and talked about the key points to designing and judging suitable courses which offer options and test a series of skills.

I promised I would post the courses and here they are:

(the courses I used were from a weekend judging in Norway back last year)

Hope everyone enjoys these courses.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update from Johannesburg

Been a while since I have written on here, we moved to Johannesburg on Monday leaving Cape Town and many wonderful memories.
We are now settled in, staying with Jason and Nikki in North West Johannesburg. The training venue is a short drive away. All of our sessions are in the afternoons. So far on Tuesday I did a foundation class and a obstacle discrimination class. Today I did two weave sessions, one learning how to weave and one about proofing, and finished with a contact seminar.
We have been out to some nice restaurants and today went to the Cradle of Mankind. It is where the first evidence of human evolution was found. We went down some caves and also went to the museum.
Tomorrow I have a judges course in the evening and a during the day I have private lessons and another contact workshop.
Enjoy some of today’s pictures!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Robben Island 12th, Port Elizabeth 13th, Update 14th

Thursday 12th

Lucy and I went to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years as a prisoner. I have some of Lucy's pictures to tell the story below of our day.

Port Elizabeth Friday 13th

Above - Course plan from morning

Above - Exercise plan 1

On Friday (coincidentally the 13th!) i was starting up and early with a flight to PE leaving CapeTown at 6.30am! We had training with many of the group who came last year, when I was in PE for a weekend. I was only there for a day this time, but we still got plenty done,

We looked at: Contacts, Drive, Send on and Discrimination, Rear Crosses, Front crosses, Weave Independance and send on.

The whole day was a success and (as seen above) we did many exercises. Ive placed two here but I know many people copied them at the venue so haven't put all. I was then taken for some food before flying back to Cape Town in the evening.

Saturday 14th

Today I went for a 12k run with James. We got up at 6am, ran from 6.30am - 9.15am.. and then had a fried breakfast. Very good it was too. We then had some chill time and headed out in the afternoon wine tasting...

Now it is 10pm I am finally sober enough to write my blog!

Tomorrow we have another action packed day, the last in Cape Town, before we head to Jo'burg Monday.

Lucys Blog for more pictures -

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Judging Seminar Course Plan and Beginner Group Exercise from Weds 11th

Below is the course used for the Judging Seminar.

Beginners seminar - exercise plan

Rear Cross Video from FCI 2011

Tonight I have been teaching some private lessons and some beginner groups. We were based in Western Cape, which meant a 30 min drive up the coast. It was rather windy where we were but Cape Town its self is somewhat windy all the time!

I conducted a judges seminar in the evening time, this looked at course design and also practical aspects of judging. Notes will be emailed out.

Hope everyone is well.


Tuesday 10th - Pictures from the crazy circus!

This guy I called chair man... the worlds slowest and most challanged super hero!

This man/women/being was loving my aftershave... wanted to get pretty close!

We had a superday Tuesday. It was a day off. During the daytime we went to the beach in Camps Bay, and also did a city site seeing tour which went through the heart of Cape Town, District 6 and up to Table Mountain, and then back to Cape Point and the stadium. I have some pictures but have just loaded one of Lucy and myself at Camps bay (see below) as its now lunch time and im hungary!

Today (Wednesday we are training in Western Cape and I have a judges seminar later on after the classes and lessons are finished.

Hope alls well.

Lee for my workshop DVD for Lucys Training blog which has more writing than mine today!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Exercise Plans from Monday 9th - Beginners Seminar 2 Cape Town

Here are two of my plans from this afternoons seminars. These drills are for grade 1 and beginner dogs, they are fun to do and help with learning front cross skills and building a decent wait.

I enjoy teaching the beginner groups as it is always good to see how they can take the information I give them and apply it to learning new skills and techniques. Today's focused on front crosses and drive/acceleration. The groups did very well. Before the seminars we went into Cape Town and looked at the gardens and also some tourist shops. The people selling the stuff must think we are all English idiots, I was offered a special "Monday Price" at one of the stalls. Glad I didn't go on a weekend then!

Tomorrow is a day off! Lucy and I will do some tourist things and take a nice meal out in the evening.

I avoided getting burnt today, its been cloudy for most of it! Hope everyone is well back home. Lee

Check Lucys Blog at -

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Course plan and pictures from practice show: January 8th

Today we ran a "mock" show. I choose and judged a course, and together Lucy and myself went through the course.

I took the perspective of the Judge. Why I have designed it as I have, what I am testing etc. Lucy tool the view of the competitor, whats the quickest line, how to keep forward drive and on course etc.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we had great feedback. It was good to see everyone working so hard too, even in 33 plus sometimes!

Below is the course plan! Please download for refeerence:

After the show Lucy and I spend some time messing about in the pool, and then headed to a "Plush" concert in Kirstenbosh. Lots of nice people and food. We also had some great wine too. Its been another great day. Speak soon!

Please visit Lucy's training blog - for some of her thoughts so far!