Saturday, 9 July 2011



So this week has been seminars followed by a couple of days off. The seminars went really well and I had some great feedback along with the other trainers. It was a fun few days also, making lots of new friends.

I have been staying with some friends near to the Dania Cup venue, so today I am taking the short drive down to the venue. My plan for the week is as follows:

Sunday: Judge Open Ag & run what ever I can afterwards

Monday: Competing

Tuesday: Competing

Wednesday: Day off

Thursday Judging class 1 Agility & Class 3 Jumping

Thursday evening depart for the journey home to make it back for Rugby (Sat 16th July)

Friday (evening): Eurotunnel back to UKFor now I am moving down to the Dania Cup Venue. Can’t wait to catch up with lots of friends at the show.

Not sure if il have internet, il try and post some results here if I do have access.