Monday, 25 October 2010

Tonsberg Show & (selection of course plans)

I have spent the last two days judging at Tonsberg show, after a week of training seminars. I have uploaded some of the course plans below. I also used two of these course plans at TAG show last weekend at Shrewsbury show ground as Grade 6&7 Graded Agility.

 Class 3 (Above) also TAG 6&7 Graded
 Class 3 Small (Above) Also TAG 6&7 Graded

 Class 2 (Above)
Class 2 (Above) 

Thanks to everyone for making my stay in Tonsberg so much fun. It has been great to do the training seminars and then judge at the show, which was great.

Regards - Lee

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Norway Day 1


This post is coming from Tonsberg Norway where I am staying for a week to do training and then judging at the Tonsberg Club show at the weekend.

I flew from Liverpool to Torp this morning (Tuesday) and did the first of six 3 hour training sessions this evening, concentrating mainly on weaves.

Last weekend I judged at TAG show Saturday and competed Sunday, having 4 clears out of 6 and a 3rd place. My courses I will load up later on, after the weekend.

Its fairly cold here, and we are training outside, but the colours and scenery are stunning. It is also nice to be amongst my friends who I have trained before.

Bye for now, I am getting an early night!


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Training update


I have been busy with lessons and also getting ready for TAG show this weekend and then my week in Norway (19th - 26th).
I have planned two events here at LGT.

Sunday 31st October which is open to everyone who trains with me already & Saturday 6th November which is open to all (grade3 & above or competent people I train at lower grades) which is a handling seminar on complex and unusual sequences. Please email me to book your place as I wont have a massive group of handlers.
I am also starting classes on a Thursday morning, again open to those who train here with me.

The dogs are all keeping well. I have some new floodlights. Thanks to David Williams for these pictures of night training:

Friday, 1 October 2010

Show Results & Update

It has been a while since I have written on here, but I will try and update what has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

I would like to say good luck to the British team in the World Championships this weekend, thinking of you all!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the following (stand out) results:

Jack – Trent Park 9th EO ranking class, 2n G7 Jumping, Devon Dogs 3rd Open Agility, Honiton 2nd EO ranking class

Scott – Bromsgrove 2nd G7 Agility, Trent Park 4th G7 Agility, 10th EO ranking class, 3rd G7 Jumping, Devon Dogs & Honiton 3 x 1st Places in Jumping classes.

I was chasing points for the EO selection day, and I have ended up with Jack picking up 11 in the last two events. Scott only has 3 which I am gutted about, but I am glad Jack has 11. He has been doing very well recently. I also had to spend 2 & half hours on the M5 driving down to the show. We were so bored we walked the dogs along the centeral barrier! We arrived at the B&B at 1am. A very long night.

I have been busy training and also installing some more floodlights to my course, this will make the night training sessions a lot better. The lift in lighting is amazing.

No shows now until TAG show in October, and then I am off to Norway for a week.

*A huge well done to all of my students who won and had high places at the recent shows. I am very proud. Too many to list, really(!) but very well done. Keep up the good work*