Monday, 31 May 2010

Nottingham Show

This last weekend was spent at Nottingham show held near Newark. It was not the best weather for the weekend, very wet on Saturday and very windy on Sunday.

I came away happy but also a little bit left wanting, as in two of the qualifier classes Scott failed to go clear but had great runs.

My best result was 2nd in the Championship Agility Qualifier section, we had 15f in the jumping (my bad handling!) and even though we had 2nd in the agility, it was not enough to get us into the final.

Jack had 5f in each class so also did not make the final. Jack did however come 10th in the Crufts singles class and got 1 point which I was pleased with.

Scott knocked the long jump down, or rather clipped it, in the Crufts singles. It was a good run (in the rain) so I was a little gutted about that. In the Olympia class Sunday we knocked jump 15 down, it was on turn just before a flat tunnel, and up until then the run was great, so again I was a little gutted!

Scott did get an 11th in the grade 7 jumping class earlier in the day.

Today I am relaxing and looking forward to Hinkley show next weekend.