Thursday, 25 March 2010

Training plan

Wednesday evening I drove to Chesterfield for a training night. Here is one of the exercise plans:

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bergen Training - Sundays Exercises

The end of a great weekend of training. Everyone did very well and I am pleased with how everyone improved and managed the excerises.

Will return again in the summertime!


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturdays Exercise Plan

Just back from the first day of training in Bergen. Today we did lots of independence work with the dogs, which they did well. Look forward to tomorrow!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Bergen... and the rain!

This is what it should have been like...
And the actual view!
We went up the Floibaben mountain railway. It is nt just for tourists either, locals use it to travel to the middle of Bergen!

Traditional German built houses, dating to the 15th C.
They are all made of wood, and are still used today.
Many ships come in and out of Bergen.
Tomorrow I begin the weekend seminar, starting at 9.30am. I am really looking forward to the training. Lee

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Moving to Bergen

Today I am flying to Bergen, I will arrive there at 15.50pm UK time. In have had a very nice stay in Tonsberg over the last few days. I have been out to Oslo, eaten out at some nice restaurants, been running (twice), walked the dogs and also relaxed and chilled out too.
I am training Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow I am seeing the sights around Bergen, which I am looking forward too.
Here is some information about the LGT Workshop DVD, which can be ordered from

Bye for now..

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sightseeing around Oslo!

Holmenkollen Ski Jump, just next to a professional Biathlon track and ski arena.
View accross Oslo
Oslo center
Oslo castle, where the royal familly live
The gaurd wanted his photo taken with me!
Angry Boy - part of the Vigelandsparken, which is a collection sculptures in the park. They are all of naked human bodies, and there were so many!
Just some of the massive amounts of work on show
Pro tourist
And I have been taking a relaxing drink too! This morning I went for a run, it was amazing environment to run in, the sunshine on the snow and the lovely sea air. Fantastic!

I am here in Tonsberg until Thursday when I move to Bergen.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Norway training & update

Norway (Tonsberg) Agility Saturday & Sunday

Below is Sundays exercisesBelow is Saturdays exercises

Tonsberg Agility: Saturday and Sunday

Above are the two exercise course plans from the weekend training seminar from Tonsberg (Norway).

Saturday we spent a lot of time focusing the dogs to go to their proper position on the contact pieces, and remain confident even if the handler moved away from the contact pieces (Introduction to independent contacts) and we made a point of always rewarding accuracy and also rewarding the key concept of training contacts!

Sunday we developed the sequences to put obstacles physically in between ourselves and the contact areas. The tunnel acted as a spacer and kept the dogs away from the handlers.

We also worked on the ‘stages of training a seesaw’ and working fans. Both course plans have fans (Saturday was small and Sunday was a large fan) but the principal for supporting the dog through the obstacles was the same on both sequences.

Overall it was a great two days of seminars, and the handlers made a big improvement throughout the two days, but also we have laid some foundations for future training.

I had a great time this weekend with the groups and look forward to training again soon with the participants of the weekend.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Off to Norway

Today I am flying to Norway (Tonsberg) for my ten days training in Norway. I have packed as much as I can and am looking forward to it!

Well done to Alice Moodie and to Georgina Baker for their fantastic runs in the YKC Agility dog of the year yesterday at Crufts. I had a good day watching and also working on the Purina Pro Plan stand.

Updates coming - Lee

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Good luck at Crufts

Good luck at Crufts to Alice Moodie and Aljeana Baddley, who are both competing there this weekend. I will be thinking of you!

A big well done to Janet and Ceri Jones and Sue Taylor, for there fantasic results last weekend at Agility Addicts. Well done I was very proud.

Friday I fly to Norway for 10 days, the first half in Tonsberg and the second half in Bergen. I am looking forward to the trip a lot, although I am still slighly depressed about Scotts broken toe, he is very upset being shut in a cage doing nothing, but it is for the best.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Broken Toe...

Here is a little update of what I have been up to lately, although there is not a lot of good news this week.

Today I returned from the vet with Scott in a bandage, he went lame on Sunday, and after an x-ray and a consultation today, he has a broken toe. I am gutted as have been training well recently, and this now means 4 or 5 weeks off. However, it is done now and I am going to hope for a quick recovery and back to training soon. I think I maybe cursed with some of the luck I have had in the last few months!

I also have no joy on getting my mobile phone back, and this evening we lost in our football match, so all in all an expensive and depressing day!! Sunday was a better day, took some of my dogs to the beach in Wales, it was lovely weather for the seaside!

This Thursday I am at Crufts, and will be on the Purina stand (Hall 3) over lunch time, if you want to come and say hello.

On Friday I fly to Norway for 10 days training, I am looking forward to heading there again, I always have fun when I am there.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Training Scott on the new jumping area

Here are a few pictures from training on the new course. It will enhance my lessons a lot being able to use this area, as many people have found out already!