Monday, 25 July 2011

Weardale Weekend, the EO & a funny video!!


This week is very rushed as tomorrow I leave to travel down ready for the EuroTunnel at 7am Wednesday morning.. as we begin our drive to Austria and the European Open 2011.

I am very excited about going. We will relax after the 800 mile drive on Thursday. On Friday will be a training session at the EO venue, although it wont be very long, more just to get used to the equipment and venue really.

Saturday & Sunday will be the competition. We have team and individual. Monday we will return home.

I will try and keep some updates on facebook but not sure what the Internet situation is like out there at our team hotel.

Last weekend I had a 1st with Jack in G7 agility, a clear in the Champ final and several other places.

Scotty had good runs all weekend, some decent places. However the biggest memory is the Champ final where he decided to jump the flat tunnel entrance.. yes it felt as random as you feel reading it! Below is the video.. enjoy :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dania Cup Course Plans & News update

I am back from my travels in Denmark now. Dania Cup was a great few days and it was so good to see so many good friends and catch up with people.

I was also judging and running Jack & Scott at the show. Jack in fact had a really good week and perfect prep for the EO next week in Austria.

Scott was unlucky, he did have some nice runs but I made silly mistakes. We did win a class at Rugby when we came back though which as nice. Was unlucky in the Championship final when we knocked the long jump down which was the second to last obstacle.

Below are my Dania Cup course plans:

This weekend I am going to Weardale show.. another long drive!

Saturday, 9 July 2011



So this week has been seminars followed by a couple of days off. The seminars went really well and I had some great feedback along with the other trainers. It was a fun few days also, making lots of new friends.

I have been staying with some friends near to the Dania Cup venue, so today I am taking the short drive down to the venue. My plan for the week is as follows:

Sunday: Judge Open Ag & run what ever I can afterwards

Monday: Competing

Tuesday: Competing

Wednesday: Day off

Thursday Judging class 1 Agility & Class 3 Jumping

Thursday evening depart for the journey home to make it back for Rugby (Sat 16th July)

Friday (evening): Eurotunnel back to UKFor now I am moving down to the Dania Cup Venue. Can’t wait to catch up with lots of friends at the show.

Not sure if il have internet, il try and post some results here if I do have access.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Course Plans from Denmark Seminar July 2nd - 6th

For those of you on the seminar to practice and remember what we did.


Qualification for FCI Worlds 2011


The last few weeks have been a great mix of emotions for me. I am currently in Denmark doing a 5 day seminar course, before taking a couple of days off and moving on to Dania Cup starting Sunday 10th July.

The seminars are 4 x 1.5hour sessions a day, where I am trying to give the students a sense of what is happening on UK courses, as opposed to FCI courses. They are all enjoying it so far!

I am judging Open Agility on Sunday, and Agility 1 & Jumping 3 on Thursday, before starting my journey home. I will arrive at Rugby Show on Friday evening.

Now for the best news, last Monday was the Team GB selection day for the FCI World Championships in Levine 2011.

Scott worked sensationally, gaining 4 top 5 places on the day, meaning I finished 2nd overall in the ranking systems, 2 points behind Dave Leach, and some 15 or so ahead of 3rd & 4th who were in turn ahead of the rest of the field.

The rules for the day meant finishing in the top 2 would guarantee you a place in the squad for Team GB, and a further 2 handlers would be selected (as stated on the KC schedule)

I made sure I ran atI pace (2x3rd places), but without making stupid errors such as pushing off contacts or letting the pressure of the final run get to me, (although Scott never misses contacts anyway!) and did what I had to do to finish 2nd.

So I was thrilled with the prospect of running both indiviuals and team at the World Championships. However the management decided that they were going to move the goal posts somewhat by selecting 6 large dogs to travel. I don’t have a problem with that, what I have a problem with is being dropped from Individual runs and only selected in the Large Team.

It is not often I will say I 100% deserve something, but Scott & I thoroughly deserve to run individuals. I don’t even need to start to justify it, but his results this year would do that easily.

I am yet to find anyone who supports the management decision except those who obviously benefited, again I stress I have no personal problem with them (I like and support everyone on the team) it is the fact I deserved my shot at Individuals as well as team.

That said... I will get over that, and I will be proud to stand alongside Anthony Clarke & Dave Leach as the other members of the Large Dog Team at the World Championships 2011. What an honour and a privilege it will be to represent Great Britain. I am so thrilled that Scott has taken me to the most prestigious and biggest agility event in the world, what a fantastic dog he is.

Thank you for all the kind messages I received after qualification, means a lot.

A huge congratulations to every other member of team GB who qualified for France at all three heights, well done. Also to Natasha Wise who did a great job judging.