Monday, 7 June 2010

Hinkley show


Hinckley show was pretty good, although again silly mistakes let us down at times! I really enjoyed the weekend as the weather was great (maybe even too hot at times) and the dogs were going back and forth under the water tap on quite a few occasions.

My best result of the weekend was making the large Championship final with Scott (his first final) and until a run by midway in the course, he was having a super run. I was a bit gutted I let him drift by the jump after the wall, as if I had checked him in and then moved off we would have been okay. However two other dogs who are two of the best dogs in agility did the same mistake, so I felt a bit better once they had the same problem!

The Crufts singles course, Jack got 19th place, and Scott knocked the 4th jump down which was annoying but then went into training mode. The same thing happened in the Olympia course, where Scott had a great weave entry out of a close flat tunnel, but then knocked the very next jump down (jump 7) so again we ended up in training mode.

I am now heading away from Friday for the next week. Firstly I am heading to Estonia and then Norway. I am doing a mixture of training and judging, although I am a little gutted to be missing Thames show, not just the show but England’s first game against the USA on the big screen. Thames is always a good show for social!

My next UK show is the Agility For Briton show at the end of June, which is also the selection day for the World Championship GB team.

I will try and update when I am abroad about what I am up to.