Wednesday, 30 November 2011

EO Video - Taddymoor Jack


The last week or so I have been looking back over the season and decided to plug in my video camera to the computer, and was enjoying looking back at some of our really good runs from what was a very successful season.

So now I have been editing them together and putting them onto YouTube. Now for those who don’t know our internet is via satellite, and the last week I have been trying to upload the first video, I reduced the size many times, and then last night, bang. Straight on and uploaded! No reason for being any better.. it must just be the internet gods playing.

The first video however is from Austria, at the European Open. Of my four runs from the last weekend of July. Jack did his absolute best and I was proud to be a part of team GB.

Now I do look back at my videos, I must have watched it 50 times, and watching it online (once it had actually loaded up) I noticed that there was a somewhat minor inconstancy with my spelling of Austria, apparently I also competed in Austia during the summer also!

Now I tend to hate spelling mistakes. I admit I am truly not a good speller, in fact once I have had to ask how to spell words from someone who’s first language isn’t even English! But I just don’t like spelling errors.

However having finally got this dam video loaded up, it is staying up. Austia or Austria, I’m sure we all get the rough geographical location of where I was competing!

So this hopefully will be the first of a few videos from the summer. I have many of Taddymoor Scotts excellent runs and wins from the summer at KC, and DINAS. It was nice watching them back, partly because it reminded me that we do have nice weather here, and not just rain and wind!

Enjoy and please subscribe to my YouTube account.