Monday, 13 December 2010

LGT Xmas meal

Last Saturday was the LGT Christmas meal, which proved to be a good night. Here are a few of pictures from the night thanks to David Williams.

Training is still hit and miss due to the frozen ground. It has not been as warm as promised and the weather is set to return to cold as we go through the week. Check before with me re training.
One of my website names seems to be down, but my site via .com is still up and running, so please use

Thursday, 9 December 2010

December 9th Update


Well the last two weeks have been very difficult, the weather has been very bad at home and the surrounding area, so I have not been able to do any training at all.

The situation across the UK has been difficult, and several shows were cancelled as many areas of the country were impassable.

I have been sending DVD’s across the UK and Europe over the last few days, ready for Christmas. Other than that is has not been a very productive few days at all.

The LGT Xmas meal is this weekend on Saturday, which I am looking forward to. It should be good fun and with the forecast of warmer temperatures at least for the weekend, then there should be no problems there at least.

I am hoping that maybe next week I am able to do some training of some sort, but I am not too hopeful because of how frozen the ground is deep down.

For now, stay safe and see everyone soon... hopefully!


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Great Christmas Gift Idea: The LGT Workshop DVD


Looking for the ideal Agility Christmas gift? Then look no further than my Workshop Training DVD. The DVD is over 70 minutes long and is packed with exercises, handling tips, slow motion analysis and essential training information.

The DVD has 6 separate sections, with exercises and training given on Contacts, Waits, Common Course Traps, Obstacle discrimination, Weaves and even Full Courses.

The format of the DVD allows you to look at each section individually, and work through at your own pace. Course and exercise plans can be downloaded from and you can refer back to the DVD simply by selection which chapter, or training section you wish to view.

Here are two sample review of the Workshop DVD:

I got your DVD since a few days and today I got time to look. There are many items in it I like and that I can use in my exercises.

Also things I knew from experience but nobody told me why to do so and now you just told me why it is so in your DVD. So thank you and of course I hope the next DVD will follow very soon...

Regards from me and be sure I will motivate the people in my class to run your way

Serge - Belgium

This is the first agility DVD I've bought and it was recommended to me by a friend and I must say its addictive. You can't stop watching it, there's so much to take from it. I have only been doing agility for a year and the DVD was a real eye opener and I can't wait to start training what I have learned. Many thanks and super quick delivery

Kathryn Birch – Banbury

The Workshop DVD can be ordered directly from me through  , and I will personally dispatch the DVD in time for Christmas (If ordered before mid December, if ordered after I cannot guarantee that it will arrive before but I will try and dispatch as soon as possible)

Priced at £21 inc delivery, the DVD offers fantastic value for money and will help with training for all levels. I hope you enjoy the LGT Workshop DVD.

Here is a trailer of the DVD, from YouTube. Please be aware of copyright law on the LGT Workshop DVD.

Many, many thanks for your support.

Lee Gibson