Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rep Ireland Training Plans


I am currently in Dublin International Airport waiting for my flight home. Its been a fun weekend here in Ireland.

Saturday I was judging 6 classes. 4 agility and 2 jumping. The venue was outside on a caravan park abouyt one hour outside of Dublin.

The weather has been really nice this weekend. So much so that I managed to get burnt both yesterday judging and today doing the seminars.

The morning of todays seminars was a less experienced group with some new or just starting competing dogs. The afternoon had some more experienced handlers and dogs. Below are the exercise plans. I was very happy with how today went and had some great feedback.

Durning the weekend I was staying in a small B&B just a few minutes from the show. This was a comfortable little place but had no TV or the internet in the rooms. So catching up here at Dublin airport is quite nice.

Speak soon. Lee