Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday Morning Training Session

Team GB training session.

Okay, just a quick update. The rest of the GB team arrived at the hotel yesterday (Weds) and we had a delayed team meeting at 9.00pm. The atmosphere in the team was good and everyone was anticipating the event with excitement.

This morning we had an early alarm call for the team training session. The GB team broke the course up into 3 lanes, and the large, medium & small all took a lane, swapping on every 6 mins.

The surface was very slippy. Much more so than the astro-turf we have been training on, but I felt that Scott adapted quite well as the session went on. I did everything I wanted to do and we all said we were happy afterwards.

So now Im back at the hotel. The rest of the day is ours. Tonight we have a buffet meal for the team and then its early to bed, ready for Individual Jumping round tomorrow morning, after the opening ceremony, which starts around 8am.

Individual Large jumping is first up, and I am running order 48. Right now I just want to get started and get into that competition ring.. I am excited and looking forward to running with the GB flag on my shirt.

Live feed can be accessed from the site.