Monday, 25 February 2013

Northderby exercise plans, Japan Video diary and OJAC


I have had a bust week and have not had time to catch up on here. I was up at Chesterfield again last week and here is the exercise plan. It was a fun evening and we did some good hard work.

I was helping run the OJAC 2013 this weekend. It was a super event and well done to everyone for their hard work and to everyone who took part in the event also. I have to now get to work on the official OJAC video 2013!

I have edited the last part of my Japan video, both of the parts are now here (below) and you can follow my video diary from my recent trip to Japan.

LGT in Japan February 2013 from Lee Gibson on Vimeo.

LGT Explores Japan part 2 from Lee Gibson on Vimeo.
This week I have lessons (although today is a day off to catch up!) and I am driving up north to a training day on Saturday at Ribble DTC. It should be a fun week.

Speak soon - Lee

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Update from Poland & Seminar Video


I am back from Japan and now here in Poland enjoying some time in the glorious cold Warsaw weather! Last Sunday I had a training seminar at Klub Fort Warszawa. I had 4 groups over the day, A1, A2/3, A3 and Puppies.

It was a really fun day and enjoyable.

Some of the students made a video from the seminar, its quite funny in places and although in Polish, there is some English subtitles.

Attached are the exercise plans also.

I will be back in the UK Saturday and then straight off to Ribble Sunday for the first show of 2013!




Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Japan Update

Here is a video of the weekends competition, it shows what the show was like and where I have been teaching and judging in Japan so far!

Today was the handling seminar and I used a course from Austria:

Here is a video thats been loaded onto youtube:

With all the seminars and judging done, I would like to say thanks to Toshi and my translator for their hard work in planning such a good trip for us. It has been really good fun teaching here.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are flying back to Tokyo and Thursday heading to Disney Sea, which should be great fun.



Sunday, 3 February 2013

Japan update - Course analysis day plans


Another day complete in Japan. It is now Sunday night and I am going to sleep. Today was the course analysis day and I used 2 courses from CCAD (Worcester January 2013) which we critiqued and analysed.

The weather was really nice and sunny. I was also given 4 dogs at the end of the seminar to run around the course at the end! This was quite fun and I even managed to do a couple of clears.

Tomorrow is Monday and a day off, we are heading to a shopping mall and enjoying ourselves inside as the forecast is for wet weather!

Below are the two courses from today:

Friday, 1 February 2013

Japan: Day 1 Exercise plans

Japan Day 1: Exercise Plan

I am just going to bed as it’s been a good first day here in Japan. I had a group of 20 and was doing some exercises showing how to spot the quickest lines on course, choosing the suitable turns and working on efficient positioning.

Here is today’s exercise plan:


Tomorrow (Saturday) I am judging at a competition organised by the same people holding my seminars. I am hoping for better weather than we had today though!

I am judging a beginners class, a class 1 & 2 agility and a team event. I have designed the jumping courses also. There is no class 3 class at this show.

We have eaten at a nice restaurant on the first evening and tonight we stayed at the hotel as it was raining so hard outside we didn’t want to walk anywhere, however the hotel was very comfortable and nice food.

For now I am going to sleep!