Tuesday, 6 December 2011

NSARDA Charity Auction with FANTASTIC lots to bid on: Please read & share this post!

A great event for a great cause:

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this.

This is a post to make everyone aware of a fantastic charity action taking place this Friday (December 9th – 7.30pm) at Longden village hall, south of Shrewsbury. (SY58EX)

It is being held in aid of NSARDA which is the National Search and Rescue Dog Association, a super cause which really needs support from everywhere, as none of us quite know, one day we might just thank our lucky stars that a dog finds us or a relative! An auction has been arranged to raise some much needed funds in these tough times. With Christmas just around the corner, you may just find yourself a gem!

So here it is basically:

You can turn up and bid just like a real auction (from 7.30pm), or you can submit a “sealed bid” which is a maximum bid amount on a particular item. This allows participation from anywhere and as you will see, some of the items available for bidding are amazing.

All items start with no reserve and you could just net yourself a bargain or one of the super experiences!

Here is a selection of super lots available:

·         Pet portrait by local artist Sue Jones (retails for min £230!)

·         2 rounds of Golf at Arscott Golf Club

·         3 x Professional photo sitting and photo’s (worth £130 each)

·         2 Crufts tickets for 2012

·       Bungee Jump Experience - (who would want to do this? Seriously! I believe this can be exchanged for other experiences)

·         Half Hour Water Skiing lesson at Bomere pool

·        Couples photo shoot experience which included a make over and 3 photo’s – (just rub it in eh... rub it in! All of us single people cannot bid because we have no one to take! Well I dont need make over anyway... okay back to the list, just because this one isnt for me. I know, I know!)

·         Half hour light aircraft flight for up to 3 people – (This would be novel for me to bid on eh?! Cant remember the last time I flew in a plane!)

·         2 Tickets to Shrewsbury Flower show

·         Ironbridge Gorge pass for 2 and entry to all museums

·         Toy Story 200 piece art set (Ah a themed art set with a modern day blockbuster. This was obviously a lot from the 1995 aution which never sold!)

(Im not being too cheeky here am I?!)

·         2 x Aladdin tickets at the Theatre Severn (fair play if you havent been, the Theatre Severn is amazing. Well worth going, and ive been to a few theatres in my time!)

·         2 x 4 tickets for Shrewsbury Ten Pin Bowling

·         5 x pair of Welti Fitness and leisure guest day tickets

·        Suede lined full length ladies coat – (don’t ask I am simply writing what information I have been given and no I won’t be bidding on this item not even for the “weekend outfit”)

·         Trentham Gardens family day ticket (2 adults and 3 kids)

And finally... two belting items that will set the pulses racing!

·         Kampa Double burner and grill camping stove – a must for all stove fans

·        Stainless Steel Double Sandwich Toaster – The revolution of sandwich making is finally upon us. No kitchen is complete without one. Not just one sandwich, we are talking double the fun with this not to be missed Double sandwich toaster!

Okay I know I have had a bit of a laugh with one or two lots, but there are actually some cracking lots available and the bidding starts from a £1 so you really could grab yourself a absolute bargain, and most importantly we are all helping a fantastic cause.

The most important thing however is all the money raised is going to a great cause in the NSARDA.

Please share this blog post as we want to get as many people as possible to view the lots and items available.


Please contact - JANET

01743860368 & janetjones@fsmail.net

Please support this great cause and fun evening. Tell your friends and family and share this blog. We don’t want anyone missing out on that Stainless Steel Double Sandwich Toaster!

I can say now I will bid £2 for every item to kick start the auction... well nearly every item, I cannot of course bid for the photo shoot can I and I dont really want a ladies coat, but il bid on the rest!


Please contact - JANET

01743860368 & janetjones@fsmail.net

Thank you and good luck!
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