Saturday, 21 May 2011

An Update From Finland

Well touring Finland has been great so far. Ive been to Lapland, met Santa, seen husky's and reindeers. I have also been in sauna's, swam in outdoor pools, been drunk with the natives.. (or rather tried and failed to keep up) and even witnessed the country go mad when the won the ice hockey world cup.

I have of course been working hard doing seminars all week in various locations. Now I am back in Oulu judging a two day show. I have tried to help handlers get the best out of their dogs at all levels, and have met some great people along the way!

Today someone took a video of their dog and youtubed it, so here is the link. The dog had 10f but it shows the course and the competition itself.

Tomorrow is the last day of work, will be my 10th day of seminars or judging, so the legs are a bit weary at the moment!

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Here is the video: