Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chesterfield Training Plan 16th October


Last night I was up in Chesterfield again. It was a very productive training session and below is the exercise plan.

Key points –

Independent seesaw

Pull through (using correct arm system)

Weave entry first time (FC/RC)

Handler line past long jump

Weave entry second time (Layering keeping dog and weaves on right)

We got a lot done, we even over ran and the lights went out on us! However someone found a pound to put in the meter and we were able to get the last runs done.

The journey however was not so much fun, from the moment I left home to arriving back at 1am, closed roads, road works, delays, traffic jams and horrendous weather!

Today is a day of lessons


Friday, 11 October 2013

Warsaw Day 1 - Exercise and course plans

Here are todays course and exercise plan from Warsaw - Poland.

We had a A0-1 handling group, a puppy group and a mini 2 course CCAD for grades A0 & A1. Well done everyone tonight.

Looking forward to tomorrow and a full CCAD for class 2&3 dogs.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Training exercise plans (24th Sep 2013)

Here are my exercise plans from yesterdays training sessions down in Horley (very close to Gatwick airport) working alongside Marc Saunders.

The 4 groups I had all worked very well. I have included the last exercise (which we didn't do but I spoke about) to use as a progression to the work done in the lesson.

The theme of the training (for those who were not there) was 270degree turns and the potential challenge of stopping dogs flicking away and or drifting on long distance turns.

Enjoy the exercises:


Thursday, 5 September 2013

LGT fun competition Saturday 28th September 2013

LGT Fun competition Saturday 28th September 2013

Held at my LGT venue, Shropshire. Post code SY50SR.

This is a general invite to anyone wishing to come for a fun competition on the last Saturday of September.

We will have 4 classes, with all the courses aimed at grade 5/6 level but all courses will be suitable for an Open agility class.

We will have the following classes (not necessarily in this order):

Agility Open

Agility Open 2

Jumping Open

Jumping Open 2

1st 2nd & 3rd place overall prize all heights combined! Time calculated. Each 5 Faults equal 5 second addition. Elimination = 1 min course time!

If time we may have a 5th class too.

You may train in the ring if you wish (you will obviously be eliminated but allowed to carry on), it is a very relaxed event I am running that is as much about fun as the agility.

I only have parking room for around 15 / 20 dogs.

First come first served.

£15 per handler and dog (this fee covers all 4 classes). Second dog with same handler can run for £5 extra. Third dog with same handler can run for £2.50 extra!

Please email me at to sign up for the event!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

CCAD near Grantham - November 2013

November 17th 2013

LGT presents CCAD

Comprehensive Course Analysis Day

To be held

Sunday November 17th 2013


Venue Post Code – (Grantham)  NG32 2EJ


(9am course build) 9.30am – 4.30pm (5pm if needed) with a 1 hour lunch break


A brief introduction to this exciting new type of training day:


This day will be different from the existing type of training seminar, such as my LGT Super Seminar’s. This day will focus on the competing aspect of agility, collectively utilizing all the skills you already possess, giving strategies and plans for each course you run.


If you always feel you are “playing safe” or not seeing/selecting the “winning line” until you see someone else do it, and if you feel your handling of a course sometimes ruins your dogs chance of a clear round or even a place, then CCAD is for you.




What will happen during the CCAD?


There will be a course, which we will all run (like a competition, I will observe but not critique) Once everyone has run, we will then have an in-depth analysis of the entire course, with focus points on –

·         Key points of what we have just witnessed

·         Handling choices & strategies

·         Decision making & line selection

·         My advice and handling system / choice on particular sections of the course


We will then re-walk and repeat the course with our dogs, improving on the last run. I will give brief feedback to each handler as they finish their runs.


We will cover 2 agility and 2 jumping courses, with a total of 8 runs (4 courses ran twice each)


What standard or level will the courses be?


The courses will be aimed at grade 6&7 level (FCI class2/3), however this does not mean that a competent grade 4 dog for example, cannot take part. The courses may not all be typical UK courses either, expect a mixture!


What are the exact aims of the day?


As with the LGT-Super Seminars, specific focus and aims are established before the training day. CCAD is no different. The day is aimed at improving the following skills:


·         Handlers course walking ability

·         Awareness & reading of courses

·         Decision making with confidence

·         Goal setting and planning for each course


Is my dog suitable for this type of day?


The aim of this day is for the handler’s benefit, to increase their knowledge and confidence when planning to run a course at competition, however to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the day, I have prepared a short criteria list:


CCAD Dog Criteria:

·         Dog can be at any level between Grades 5-7

·         Handler to run a dog that is confident with ALL equipment

·         Dog is to be reasonably reliable on weaves and contacts (i.e. handler is prepared to use independence if needed)

·         Dogs with less control are not suitable

·         You may swap dogs between courses if you have two dogs, but can only run each course once when your turn comes around each time.


CCAD Handler Criteria:

·         Anyone who wants to improve any of the key points or aims listed above!

·         A fun and out going approach, we will work hard with the analysis but the day will also be a lot of fun too!

·         Be willing to help with course changes (this will be greatly appreciated)


The cost will be £35 per handler and dog



I believe that CCAD will be interesting and informative. Look forward to seeing you on the CCAD soon.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

Holland Day 3 Exercise Plans

Todays plans from the Camp in Holland.

Now I am heading back to UK for a competition this weekend.


Holland Exercises Day 2


Here are some of the plans from yesterdays seminars.

Today is the last day of teaching, followed by a extremely long journey via home to Weardale Champ show tomorrow!


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Denmark Training Camp Tuesday Exercise 3 and KO Pairs Course plans


Here are the course plans for the final day of camp in Denmark. It also includes the knock out pairs fun class that we ran in the afternoon.


Next for me in Fionia Cup this Saturday and first day of competition on Sunday.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Denmark Camp Execise Plans


Here are my plans from Denmark so far. Enjoying the camp, its been fun and everyone is working hard!

Always enjoy teaching in DK.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

LGT Training course designed with recent UK course traits


This course plan is what ive been using for the majority of my lessons this week. I built it using some ideas that I have had in recent weeks and shows from my grade 6/7 courses that I have competed in.

Some of the skills were:

·         180 into flat tunnel

·         Send on after Aframe

·         Weave entry

·         Discrimination

·         Spread / Long jump from little or no momentum

·         Dog walk contact exit control


Hope you enjoy practicing. It has made for some good fun lessons and the course is suitable (if broken down) for a variety of grades.


Aberystwyth Training Night Tuesday 11th June Exercise Plans

Hi Everyone

Here are Tuesday nights exercise plans as promised!


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Exercise Plans from day 1 in Nuremberg - Germany


I am in Nuremburg at the moment doing a two day handling course in Germany. Been a good first day with some good students.

We have been focused on turns, acceleration and deceleration. Also been looking at the mechanics and training of effective pull through’s.

I am teaching again tomorrow before flying home ready for Hinkley show this weekend where I will again be running Flynn and Drift as Scott continues his rehab from injury.

Here are today’s exercise plans:

More exercises and course plans on:

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sweden Day 2 - course day (all course plans)

I am back from my trip to Sweden now and am unpacking, washing and repacking ready for the WAO which we leave for on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who was on the course for two great days, your hard work was good to see well done.

Below are the course plans:



Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sweden exercise plans May 9th and live stream replay link


I am in Sweden at the moment training with a group for 3 days between Lund and Malmo. Its been warm sunshine today.

A good days work, well done everyone.

Here are today's exercise plans from Sweden at Nuts For Agility.

Last night I took part in a live stream event that was broadcast live on the Internet. It was a agility talk aimed for beginners, with a Q&A session at the end.
To watch the live stream back, please click this link.
Approx 1hour 45 Min's
Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vaasa (Finland) day 3


Here is the course plan from today's seminar in Vaasa.

Tomorrow I am flying home to the UK, which at the moment is deep in snow!

Thank you to everyone for another fun time in Finland. Look forward to the summer when I return to Tampere.
Regards - Lee

Friday, 22 March 2013

Vassa (Finland) day one exercise plans

Here are the exercise plans from today's seminars.

Having a fun time in Finland so far, despite SAS loosing my bag for over 24 hours and sending it to the wrong city last night. I have just been reunited with it finally!

Today's seminar was good and well done to everyone on it.

Here are the course plans:

Speak soon. Lee

Monday, 25 February 2013

Northderby exercise plans, Japan Video diary and OJAC


I have had a bust week and have not had time to catch up on here. I was up at Chesterfield again last week and here is the exercise plan. It was a fun evening and we did some good hard work.

I was helping run the OJAC 2013 this weekend. It was a super event and well done to everyone for their hard work and to everyone who took part in the event also. I have to now get to work on the official OJAC video 2013!

I have edited the last part of my Japan video, both of the parts are now here (below) and you can follow my video diary from my recent trip to Japan.

LGT in Japan February 2013 from Lee Gibson on Vimeo.

LGT Explores Japan part 2 from Lee Gibson on Vimeo.
This week I have lessons (although today is a day off to catch up!) and I am driving up north to a training day on Saturday at Ribble DTC. It should be a fun week.

Speak soon - Lee

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Update from Poland & Seminar Video


I am back from Japan and now here in Poland enjoying some time in the glorious cold Warsaw weather! Last Sunday I had a training seminar at Klub Fort Warszawa. I had 4 groups over the day, A1, A2/3, A3 and Puppies.

It was a really fun day and enjoyable.

Some of the students made a video from the seminar, its quite funny in places and although in Polish, there is some English subtitles.

Attached are the exercise plans also.

I will be back in the UK Saturday and then straight off to Ribble Sunday for the first show of 2013!