Thursday, 3 November 2011

November 3rd Update


Just a quick update from me whilst I pack for my weekend away in Scotland. Well its not really a weekend away, I have seminars on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am struggling to talk at the moment due to a swinging elbow that landed in my neck during tonight’s football match, it felt like he nearly took my head off and is very sore right now. The ref didnt even give a free kick so I was not amused!

This week I have had lessons, and also a lot of emails. I am thrilled by the responses to the two training events I advertised, November 20th & January 28th. I have a few spots left on the morning of January 28th, other than that they are all full which is super. The days will be productive and intense, I am looking forward to taking them.

However right now more pressing issues are upon me, like my suitcase and lack of stuff in it. Tomorrow (Friday) I fly from Birmingham to Edinburgh at 12.40pm. I am returning on Monday at Midday.

I have lots of ideas and exercises planned for the sessions, and I am sure we will all have a fun weekend as we have some good social things planned also.

Hope everyone is keeping well and keep safe on Bonfire night. I am sure I will see plenty where I am, lucky my dogs are safely at home and we don’t get too many fireworks where we live!