Tuesday, 6 April 2010

TAG show, update and my new broadband!


It has been a while since I wrote on here, but hopefully that will all change now. I have broadband at home now thanks to a rather huge satellite and a lot of cash.. but I am writing this from the comfort of my own bedroom.

I have been very busy training recently and done a lot of lessons, but what I am most pleased about is how well everyone did at the recent TAG agility show.

Here is the results list, I hope I aint missed anyone off, it is a bit hard to remember them all.. so here goes:

Ray & Spike – Won and now Grade 7. Fantastic, what a pair.
Joyce and Pepper – Won and now Grade 6. Just a brilliant result and made me so proud.
Janet & Codi – Won and now Grade 3. I rewarded Janet for improving last year, and she has not stopped! Brilliant!

Georgina & Spud Won and now grade 5
Tanya & Amber - Won Agility & Jumping
Dawn & Floss - Won and now grade 3
Clare & Zac – Won grade 3 jumping. The first of many!
Nina & Scoobie – 2nd G3
Wendy & Maisy – 3rd in Grade 6
Alice & Pip – 1st place in Agility Grade 7
Ceri & Kelta / Tek – Kelta, Lyn with Flynn, David with Cae, David & Amber, Miranda & Fly, Barry & Kip were also 3rd I think!

I am sure I have forgotten some, and that is not on purpose. Well I have just remembered that Jack won a grade 6&7 Jumping, and Che was 5th!!

Scott’s injury is better, just got to get him fit now. He has been very very frustrated recently!

Well done everyone.