Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Update Post WC


This is probably the first time I have had chance to update since I came back from the WC.. and right now I am in Norway doing a week of training seminars before judging here in Tonsberg. It really never stops atm. I was in the UK for about 20hours before flying off again yesterday, I will return next Monday.

My results at the WC were as follows:

Individual Jumping C placed 35th

Scott’s round was good, it was the slippery carpet and we struggled a bit at first, losing some time on some skids, but overall I was happy.

Team Jumping GB 5f placed 2nd

We were winning the team jumping round until the second last team, who did 3 clears but were 7 seconds slower. Team GB did such a good job in that class. Scott’s round was ranked 7th quickest of the day on that course, I am very happy with that result.

Team Agility GB 2 x C & 1 E. Sadly for me it was my round that had the E. Scott turned wide again due to the carpet, and he skidded into and jumped the side of the long jump. I was gutted, but Anthony Clarke & Greg Derrett were such good team mates that I didn’t feel bad for too long, it was great being on such a quality team.

Many people offered support, but I am more focused on the massive positives we took from the event. We will be better and stronger next time for all the experiences (good & bad) and I want to compete on the world stage again!

Individual Agility 10f Scott skidded into the correct weave, but could not maintain any grip for the second weave. After that part of the course, the rest of the round was brilliant and I was very happy after it, despite the faults on the weave.

Overall Ranked 40th.

Here is the video of the team Jumping round.

Well done to all of Team GB at the worlds. They all did a super job and our country proud.

For now, I am teaching all week in the Norwegian Sunshine. Il update again soon.