Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Denmark 24th - 25th Exercise Plan

Here is my course plan from the last two days in Denmark. We focused on rear crosses and line's through the course.

Today (Wednesday) after the seminar I will drive east up into Sweden and join up with Team GB ready for the EO 2012. Exciting times. I am looking forward to the weekend.

Regards - Lee

Monday, 23 July 2012

Jutlandia Final Course Plans and Update


I have been away for just over 2 weeks now, the last week I spent at Jutlandia Cup. I had some great results and Scotty actually was the top placed dog over the week for the final. The only problem was that I could not run in the final as I was the judge!

I had a 3rd, a 5th and a 7th. These results were the best, Greg was second with one point more, and Jo made it 5th. This showed what excellent results we could get from GB.

Greg, Jo and Myself ran a team on the Tuesday, and we came a close 2nd overall on some tough courses. Jo and Greg did an excellent job and it was great to be part of a very competitive team.

I have attached my course plans and also the finals course plan from the Jutlandia final, won by Remo Mueller in Large & Claudia Zenner in the Medium. I cant find the small winners name and don’t want to spell it wrong, but well done to her also. 3 great runs.

This week I am on a three day training camp. Today I did a lecture on “decision making and line selection” which lasted about 1 hour and with 30mins afterwards outside doing a practical assessment on a built course.

Everything is good so far, even the weather has picked up and the sun is hot here.

Look forward to seeing my GB Team mates on Wednesday and Thursday in Sweden. Today I found out my EO running orders. 1st in Agility, and 213th in Jumping. Start as I wish to go on then, and early at 7.50am!

Speak soon.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Denmark Seminar Sunday Exercise Plans


Today I have done the second of two days training. Now I am leaving for Jutlandia Cup and a week of agility and social!

Here are the exercise plans from Sunday:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Denmark Seminar Course Plan & Pics


Today was a enjoyable day training in Denmark. I used a course to practice many different skills and highlight vital points on the course when it comes to handling.

This is the course:

(and below that a couple of pics from today!)


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sweden Seminar Day 2 Exercise Plans

Here are the seminar Plans from the second day in Sweden. I have also included two course plans that we practiced also.

Well done to everyone on the seminar, we covered such a lot and everyone worked really hard. Its was a pleasure to teach the group.

Hope to teach again in Sweden soon!

Regards - Lee

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 1 seminar pictures

Some pictures from todays seminar:

Sweden Day 1 Exercise Plans


Today was the first day of the seminar in Sweden. We covered a range of topics today and also used two exercises for the day. They are below:

Will update again soon. Now I am relaxing. It was raining for about 50% of today, but in the end it became sunny and quite warm.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012



The last 48 hours have been pretty much all travel for me. First of all I left home on Sunday evening to travel down to the EuroTunnel, where I arrived at 1.30am. My booking was for 6.20am, and annoyingly there were no earlier trains I could switch too, meaning I slept at the ET until the early morning.

Once I crossed the channel I quickly stopped at the Cite du Europe where I always by pasties etc to take on the drive.

I also filled up with fuel (a lot cheaper than back home!) and drove out of Calais at 9am. From there I drove through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany. My destination was one of my friends houses less than an hour from Lubeck (Travelmund) Port which is where I stayed Monday evening.

The drive up was quite long, around 8 hours or so. The route is quite easy mind.

Tuesday morning I was up early again to drive to the port to catch the ferry of which I am now sitting on. The crossing is Travelmund to Trellborg with TTline. The crossing is 7 hours and if I am honest its is boring as. There is not much to do on board and worst of all the internet (although appears to work fine) is very poor and keeps cutting out. All I have been able to access is my Twitter and sometimes my Skype but that doesn’t even work properly.

I should dock at 5pm and then I will stop and walk Scotty for a bit and then drive on to the training venue. I should be there around 7.30pm.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I start the first of the two days training seminars. The weather forecast isn’t great, there has been threats of floods even in the South of Sweden, although on the other hand the sun is out at the moment.

Okay ive just come to post this, and now \I am at the venue, had some food and walked Scotty. Am now relaxing and going to take a shower.

Tomorrow we start setting up at 8.30am so its another early start!


Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Road Trip - Sweden/Demark July 2012

I am writing a quick update to let everyone know where I will be for the next month or so. I will try and update when I have internet but wont always, so here is a brief summary!

Leaving tonight (Sunday 8th July) for a epic road trip through Europe. Over the next two days I travel (via Eurotunnel, and then ferry from Germany - Trellborg) up to Sweden for two days seminar. Then I head West back to Denmark for a weekend seminar, before moving on to Jutlandia Cup 2012. At Jutlandia I am competing and judging the finals.

After that is a new location in Denmark for more seminars, and finally at the end of the month heading back to Sweden for the Agility European Open 2012 as part of team GB.

I will have my mobile but also have a roaming SIM that I can use number +447448974280 which will be in use for the whole trip. I will also have local sims and also my normal mobile number, that will receive calls and texts fine, I just wont use it to make any communications as it costs more than the roaming sim.

I will pick up my emails from time to time.

It should be a fun trip, I just hope I have packed everything, it seems like I have quite a lot considering its just me and Scott going!

Speak soon.



Sunday, 1 July 2012

Agirotu 2012 Lee Gibson Course Plans


I am now packing my bags for the early flight home tomorrow. Been a super weekend here in Finland working alongside some great Finnish Judges and also Ronald Mouven from the Netherlands.

We have had 3 days for judging, and one day of seminars. The seminar day went really well and we practiced rear-crosses as an alternative to front crossing and (forced-decel on landing via front cross) and created some awkward combinations for this. It was a fun day.

On the weekend I was judging some normal classes, but also the large and small finals. For those of you who are my “friend” on facebook, you will see some of the results and video’s.

The courses that we both set tested various elements. They were testing but fair, and the spirt amongst the winners and also those who didn’t quite make it, was fantastic.

Today Ronald and myself had the hardest job of all, picking a winner from the fancy dress competition for the teams. This was hard as there were so many great outfits!

Here are the courses.

*please note, what the course is labelled as is not always the class it was used for. The international class was the “final” and the team was the class 3 International.*

Thanks to everyone involved in running this event. We even made the local paper too!

Please enjoy and share!

Kiitos Suomi!