Sunday, 8 January 2012

Course plan and pictures from practice show: January 8th

Today we ran a "mock" show. I choose and judged a course, and together Lucy and myself went through the course.

I took the perspective of the Judge. Why I have designed it as I have, what I am testing etc. Lucy tool the view of the competitor, whats the quickest line, how to keep forward drive and on course etc.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we had great feedback. It was good to see everyone working so hard too, even in 33 plus sometimes!

Below is the course plan! Please download for refeerence:

After the show Lucy and I spend some time messing about in the pool, and then headed to a "Plush" concert in Kirstenbosh. Lots of nice people and food. We also had some great wine too. Its been another great day. Speak soon!

Please visit Lucy's training blog - for some of her thoughts so far!