Sunday, 30 June 2013

Denmark Camp Execise Plans


Here are my plans from Denmark so far. Enjoying the camp, its been fun and everyone is working hard!

Always enjoy teaching in DK.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

LGT Training course designed with recent UK course traits


This course plan is what ive been using for the majority of my lessons this week. I built it using some ideas that I have had in recent weeks and shows from my grade 6/7 courses that I have competed in.

Some of the skills were:

·         180 into flat tunnel

·         Send on after Aframe

·         Weave entry

·         Discrimination

·         Spread / Long jump from little or no momentum

·         Dog walk contact exit control


Hope you enjoy practicing. It has made for some good fun lessons and the course is suitable (if broken down) for a variety of grades.


Aberystwyth Training Night Tuesday 11th June Exercise Plans

Hi Everyone

Here are Tuesday nights exercise plans as promised!