Wednesday, 28 July 2010



Again I am slow to update the blog, but I have had a huge amount of training on this week.. including a night in Chesterfield (course plan will be uploaded here soon).

Weardale show was a nice show, but we had faults in the classes that mattered. Worse of all the Championship final, for which I was r/order 19.. a brick out the wall, the long jump & the spread all down. Gutted. Then a brick out in the Olympia qualifier class.. so we still have no semi final!

This weekend is the Agility Club show.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

LGT Update Fionia & Rugby


Wow its been a while since I wrote on here..

What a fantastic week in Denmark at Fionia Cup. I was happy to meet so many lovely people and have so much fun. The dogs worked so well and I even made it back for Rugby Champ class, which I arrived for 6 dogs before my run, and went clear!

At Fionia Cup Scott qualified in first place for the end of week final, but we had two poles down, it was a lovely run though.
In Fionia Cup I had the following results:

Taddymoor Scott:

Open Agility – Joint 1st
Class 3 Jumping – 2nd
Open Jumping – 3rd
Open Agility – Joint 3rd

Taddymoor Jack
Class 3 Jumping – 8th
Open Agility – top 20 place I can’t remember which!

I drove all the way from Fionia Cup 840 miles over Friday night to get to the show at Rugby for the championship class. I managed to get into the championship final, unfortunately having one pole down, but was a good weekend.

Next weekend is Weardale show. It is very wet in Shropshire at the moment, so my lessons are quite wet!

Thanks to Emelie Norrman for taking the pictures. They are super!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Fionia Cup Update: 2nd & 3rd

On Tuesday I managed to make the podium twice, Scott had 2 excellend runs, coming 3rd in the open class and 2nd in the class 3 jumping. We had a 5r in the agility which was my error but the run was lovely.

Today has been a rest day after an epic party night, and I mean epic! Tomorrow I am judging for most of the day so doubt il get to run anything.


Monday, 12 July 2010

Fionia Cup Update

Up to Monday 12th:
Hello from Denmark.

I arrived safely after an epic journey from the UK. I left on Friday at 8pm on the Eurotunnel (it had taken me 7 hours to get to there!) and I drove until 5.30am Saturday morning (with a few coffee breaks!) but it ment I avoided traffic in Hamburg especially.

I judged yesterday the open class. It was a good course and made people work, but also kept a good flow as all levels were in the class.

I also ran my dogs in the afternoon. Scott was wild in the agility (2 poles) and he clipped one in the jumping. I got a big clap so I was convinced I was clear, but in fact he had taken a pole. Jack was clear and we came 8th in the class 3 jumping.
This morning (Monday) I have been competing. I am not judging until Thursday now, so today and tomorrow I can compete properly. However both of this morning’s runs were bad. Scott was even more wild and took a pole as well as trying to take every jump off course. Jack missed the flat tunnel out.

I have class 3 agility and jumping with Scott in a bit, and class 3 jumping with Jack later also.

I will come back and update later in the week.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fionia Cup

This Friday I am driving to Denmark for the Fionia Cup event, held in Ringe. I am judging and also competing for the week with Jack & Scott, it should be a good week. I am very much looking forward to it.

Last weekend, Scott made the Championship final, and had 2 x 5th & 2 x 6th places, which I was pleased with as some courses were very hard.

I will try and update but not sure if I will have the net in Denmark. For now.. goodbye!