Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Update 10th April 2012


Airborne again as I write this blog post. Currently 23000 feet above Europe heading to Luxemburg this time for 3 days of seminars before heading back Friday night.

Been a busy week or so since returning from Norway last week. I was judging at Tonsberg show. The course plans are already on my website www.leegibsontraining.com and click course plans.

Last week at home in Shropshire we had a belting of snow. This was actually predicted by the weather men but was unusual for the time of year. I loaded a couple of pictures up on to Facebook, for anyone who saw them will know how much we had. This meant training proved difficult, even getting to the indoor place was hard but I did a few lessons.

This weekend just gone was Easter weekend. Amongst eating a lot of Chocolate, and enjoying the lovely weather (cough!) I was running Scotty and Jack at TAG and Easter Celebration show.

Jack is 10 now and only does a few runs here and there, but he managed a 2nd in G7 jumping and also a 19th in the Olympia qualifier at Easter Celebration Saturday.

Scotty had a 2nd in G7 agility and that was about as good as it got. The rest of the runs were silly poles or handling mistakes by myself. Scott flies on the grass and I was a little off the pace I think.

Fast forward a few hours…

So now, I am finishing my blog after my first evening in Luxembourg. We have eaten at a super Sushi restaurant and I have also seen the super training venue. Tomorrow I will begin with the seminars. I am looking forward to it very much.