Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Training weekend review

Training weekend review:

Last weekend I was in Horsham training with Marc Saunders. The day started early at 9.30am, Marc and I were there by 9 setting up. We decided on our combinations in the planning stage, and we had made sequences that allowed us to demonstrate various ways and methods to handle different sequences.

For the morning group I was using a combination that included a pull through and discrimination of tunnel entrances. The sequence also allowed the dogs to see decoy obstacles, meaning that handlers had to connect with their dogs and not allow them to drift!

The afternoon group was focused more on finding the best line and acceleration for the dogs. The combination was quite tough, with a couple of go around the backs coupled with discrimination skills. The handlers did well but we managed (with the use of the stop watch!) to take almost 0.7 out of 5 obstacles within the sequences. It is savings like this that can be vital at grade 6&7 level.

Both of the groups did really well. It was a successful day and I look forward to the next one in November.

This week I have lessons and am maybe going to do a small training session at the weekend on Saturday. On Sunday I have to judge the WAO Wales selection day down in Gloucester.

I have been organising next years seminars, looks like many weekends on the road and air miles. It is great to be busy and I am really looking forward to visiting some new countries in the next few months.