Monday, 14 November 2011

Norway training weekend plans and exercises


This last weekend I have been training on the outskirts of Oslo. I was at a club with a nice indoor hall which gave ample space to hold two training groups at once. You will see from the course plans that they are long and narrow. I was teaching on the left hand section of each course plan.

I travelled out Friday and returned home today. Now I will be at home until 2012, or at least no more flying anyway. I have a training weekend in London and also Olympia to look forward too.

It was nice to see my dogs again and hopefully can get some time to actually train them. Scott hasn’t done any agility since the WC in France. This is his rest time before I start getting him ready for Olympia. Once into 2012 he will rest again before we start preparations for Crufts, way off in March 2012.

Back to the course plans from last weekend, and the important factor was in the detail. We analysed very closely every line we put the dog on during the seminars. I was particularly focusing on tight, efficient turns both on phase 1 and on phase 2 of the turn.

I would like to say well done to the students for working very hard over a demanding weekend, and as requested the course plans are below.

(They appear very small, but if you click on them you can enlarge them and print)
This week will see me doing lessons until Saturday. On Sunday I have the LGT Super seminar in Worcester, which promises to be a fun and high intensity day!

For now, keep working hard in training and focusing on the small elements, these eventually form the efficient effective handling system you are working towards!