Tuesday, 18 December 2012

LGT 16th Dec Superseminar Exercise Plans

Here are the exercise plans from last Sundays LGT Superseminar held at Worcester. There are 4 morning exercises and 4 afternoon exercises.

Everyone worked very hard and it was a successful day. I am also grateful for all the good feedback I have had and now look forward to the training events on January 6th and 12th.

This week I am getting ready for Olympia which I compete in on Saturday morning in the Large Dog 6&7 Semi-final with Scott. I am running order 33 out of 36.

Enjoy the exercises:

Sunday, 9 December 2012

UKA Show report, Shrewsbury DTC Seminar plan and BBC Radio Shropshire Interview


Had a busy weekend these last two days!

On Saturday I went to UKA Show at Bromyard, where I was running Scott and also Flynn (Mums grade 6 dog). I had 10 runs between 9am and 2pm, so it was pretty hectic.

My main objective of the show was to train Scott for Olympia and work him on some courses, which I did and was very happy with a couple of wins and a second. I was also beaten by one of my own students in the Steeplechase class! To be fair Sue and Lily did run excellent... I would like to say I was wide but...!

Lyn had a couple of wins too with Zed and Drift in Novice and Senior classes also, and well done to Ceri Jones and Tek also for some great runs and wins, 4 I think which is super!

Sunday I was training at Shrewsbury DTC, doing a training morning. I used one of my classes from last weekend’s finals, the UKA Masters class, to analyse and practice. This was a super day with hard work and was nicely topped off with lunch at a local pub, before heading home for more lessons!

I was asked by BBC Radio Shropshire to undertake an interview today about Olympia 2012 finals and my runs / training with Scott, who I had with me at the training venue in Shrewsbury. This interview will be ready for tomorrows (Mondays) breakfast show, and is available to listen too at - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radioshropshire/on-air

Here is today’s course plan from Shrewsbury DTC:
Regards -

Friday, 7 December 2012

Exercise Plan Warsaw (Poland) 5th December and Out & About in Warsaw

I am back in UK now after 3 really good days in Poland. Here is Wednesday nights exercise plan, and some pictures we took whilst out and about:

Ola decided that I needed to learn some proper Polish history, so we went to the Warsaw uprising museum about the second world war, and how Warsaw was reduced to near ruins in 1944, but never lost its spirit or togetherness, that was found in amongst its people. It was a interesting and moving experience.
We also looked around the Old town. It was a chilly -4 (you can probably tell from the pictures!) but it was very pretty and I had a very enjoyable time.

I am sat here and it is raining / snowing at home. I have a UKA show tomorrow and supposed to have a half day training on Sunday in Shrewsbury, am hoping for a change of fortunes for the weather first!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Exercise Plans - Warsaw (Poland) 4th December


I am in Poland again at the moment. I taught last night and again tonight before flying home again tomorrow.

Here are the exercise plans from yesterdays seminars:

Monday, 3 December 2012

UKA Grand Finals - All Course Plans


Here are all my course plans from the UKA grand finals. It was a great (if not tiring!) weekend, and I enjoyed my role as finals judge. Also like to thank Jo Rhodes for her excellent work throughout the weekend as well, as my fellow judge.

Well done to all the winners and finalists, it was a pleasure judging you all.

Hope you enjoy the course plans.
(click to enlarge)

I am flying off again early tomorrow morning, it is a hectic week!