Friday, 30 November 2012

Interviews from Agility For Juniors Grand Prix

Here is a selection of interviews taken from last weekend: Including winners, organisation (Anthony Clarke) and judge (myself!).

This weekend I am off to judge (alongside Jo Rhodes) the UKA National Finals at the Hand Equestrian centre in the southwest. I have designed some cracking courses and look forward to the event and seeing handlers test themselves.

The gamblers is a particular favourite of mine, I think this will be an exciting and challenging final.

Enjoy last week’s interviews, and il post the weekends course plans up on Monday.


Places still available on CCAD January 12th 2013, however I anticipate this to be full within a short time. More details on the blog and also and click “trainingdays”

Find more interviews at


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Agility For Juniors Grand Prix Course Plans

Last Saturday I was the judge of the first ever Agility for Juniors Grand Prix, organised by Anthony Clarke.
I was judging Speed stakes, Jumping & Agility.
It was a super day, albeit a little cold (we were inside) the juniors were super and worked very hard over all the courses. There were some excellent runs and the kids showed off some superb handling and courage when running the courses. It was a pleasure to judge.
Below are the course plans:
Regards - Lee

Friday, 23 November 2012

LGT presents CCAD 12th January 2013

Saturday January 12th 2013
LGT presents CCAD

Comprehensive Course Analysis Day

To be held

Saturday January 12th 2013


Sandbourne House and Stables,

Baughton on the Hill,

Earls Croome,




(9am course build) 9.30am – 4.30pm (5pm if needed) with a 1 hour lunch break


A brief introduction to this exciting new type of training day:


This day will be different from the existing type of training seminar, such as my LGT Super Seminar’s. This day will focus on the competing aspect of agility, collectively utilizing all the skills you already possess, giving strategies and plans for each course you run.


If you always feel you are “playing safe” or not seeing/selecting the “winning line” until you see someone else do it, and if you feel your handling of a course sometimes ruins your dogs chance of a clear round or even a place, then CCAD is for you.




What will happen during the CCAD?


There will be a course, which we will all run (like a competition, I will observe but not critique) Once everyone has run, we will then have an in-depth analysis of the entire course, with focus points on –

·         Key points of what we have just witnessed

·         Handling choices & strategies

·         Decision making & line selection

·         My advice and handling system / choice on particular sections of the course


We will then re-walk and repeat the course with our dogs, improving on the last run. I will give brief feedback to each handler as they finish their runs.


We will cover 2 agility and 2 jumping courses, with a total of 8 runs (4 courses ran twice each)


What standard or level will the courses be?


The courses will be aimed at grade 5&6 level (FCI class2/3), however this does not mean that a competent grade 4 dog for example, cannot take part. The courses may not all be typical UK courses either, expect a mixture!


What are the exact aims of the day?


As with the LGT-Super Seminars, specific focus and aims are established before the training day. CCAD is no different. The day is aimed at improving the following skills:


·         Handlers course walking ability

·         Awareness & reading of courses

·         Decision making with confidence

·         Goal setting and planning for each course


Is my dog suitable for this type of day?


The aim of this day is for the handler’s benefit, to increase their knowledge and confidence when planning to run a course at competition, however to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the day, I have prepared a short criteria list:


CCAD Dog Criteria:

·         Dog can be at any level between Grades 4-7

·         Handler to run a dog that is confident with ALL equipment

·         Dog is to be reasonably reliable on weaves and contacts (i.e. handler is prepared to use independence if needed)

·         Dogs with less control are not suitable

·         You may swap dogs between courses if you have two dogs, but can only run each course once when your turn comes around each time.


CCAD Handler Criteria:

·         Anyone who is wanting to improve any of the key points or aims listed above!

·         A fun and out going approach, we will work hard with the analysis but the day will also be a lot of fun too!

·         Be willing to help with course changes (this will be greatly appreciated)


Tea and coffee available all day.

The cost will be £35 per handler and dog (inc deposit)


£5 none-refundable deposit required to confirm your place.


I believe that CCAD will be interesting and informative. Look forward to seeing you on the CCAD in January 12th 2013.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Isle of Man Seminar Exercise Plans


I am waiting at the Isle of Man airport to catch my flight home to Birmingham (which predictably is late!). I have had two really good days of training here on the island and all of my students have worked very hard. I have a selection of Saturdays and Sundays exercise plans to load up here, so please print them off and use them to practise what we did over the last two days!

Enjoy the exercises - Lee

Friday, 16 November 2012

Chesterfield Training Evening - Exercise Plans


Wednesday night I had the 230 mile round trip to Chesterfield once again. It was a misty but warm evening. I had a group of 8 who I split into 2 x 4 for the 2 hours, we covered 4 fantastic exercises.

One of the aims of last nights session was to practice finding an obscured tunnel entrance, and type pick ups out of the flat tunnel.

These exercises are excellent for short, aim specific training sessions. Please enjoy them:

Today I am flying to the Isle of Man for a training weekend. Just about ot pack my case!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wyre (Lancs) training day Saturday 10th November

Hello everyone

Been a busy week so far and havent had time to put these plans up until now, but here they are.

I was teaching near Blackpool at Wyre (Lancs) DTC on Saturday. I also had Aleksandra (working as my assistant!) with me to help run the sessions that we planned. Her exercises are also below.

Well done to everyone on the training day for your hard work on the course. It was a pleasure to teach for the club.

Sunday we spent at Blackpool pleasure beach, which was a great deal of fun, I do enjoy thrill seaking at themeparks!

Saturdays Exercise Plans:



Thursday, 1 November 2012

Exercise Plans (Course Analysis) day 2 Rep Ireland

Exercise Plans (Course Analysis) day 2 Rep Ireland
Here are the course plans from Thursdays training session. Today we looked at course analysis and the optimum way to handle the dog around courses.
I designed two 1 off courses to high light a range of skills which allowed us to discuss options and solutions, as well as ascertain the optimum line and efficiency (acceleration and deceleration point etc).
It was another great days work. Everyone has worked hard over the two days and I am very happy with my students. I look forward to working with them again.
There are also a few pictures from today. Thanks to Pat Buckingham for all his hard work on my trip, it has been a pleasure!