Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Austria final exercise plan and next stop Japan!


This has been an extremely busy week, finishing my last day in Austria and now heading off to Japan. In between time I have been back to the UK and am now in the Business lounge at Moscow Airport en route to Japan after transiting through Poland, so I have acquired quite a few miles this week already!

Unfortunately I became ill on Sunday night in Austria and have failed to shake off the virus or whatever it is, I am desperate to get well again soon before I land in Japan, but being in a lounge where there is a free bar, quite annoying but I have been sensible.

First of all I have to conclude the Austria seminar from Monday, below is one of the exercise plans and the lay out for the other exercises that we did:

I am going to shortly board a flight on to Tokyo and from there I will catch another flight to Fukuoka.

Finally I will arrive at the final destination around 7pm local time in Japan.

More updates when I am in Fukuoka.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Austria: Day 4 Exercise Plans


Here are today’s exercise plans.

I am feeling the effects of the cold today, so getting an early night!

One more seminar tomorrow before flying back to Birmingham late one Monday night!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Austria: Day 2 exercise plan


Im sat in my hotel room after another good days work in Austria. Felt today really pushed the groups and we did some combinations that the handlers probably didn’t think they would be able to do!

The exercise plan is attached. You will notice there are no numbers, this is because we did 2 x exercises and 1 x course for each of the two groups. That’s 4 exercises and 2 courses in total. It is easier for handlers on the seminar to make notes and map out their own courses.

(I am also using this combination next week in Japan, so don’t want to give away the combinations!)

Tomorrow I am judging at the Winter games, a team (well its actually a pairs class) and the class 3 courses later in the day. Looking forward to it!

I also took a picture of the venue today (see above!) its a old ship construction building, now converted into a storage warehouse and - an agility venue! (the show is also held here tomorrow)


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Austria: Day 1 & Seminar Plans


These are the training courses for my first day in Austria. It has been a good first day, I enjoyed the venue and the groups were really good fun to teach. The facilities here are really good. We are training in an old warehouse that has been converted into a Agility school.

Today was about getting to know the groups and I set up two courses, on for the more experienced group and one for the Class 1 and 2 dogs. I assessed the dogs during the first session and then we analysed a series of handling skills along with dog skills that needed working on. This proved a really useful tool in identifying certain skills that will maybe a little bit weaker, and also the stronger parts of the agility which we could rely on and really trust the dog, whilst being efficient as a handler.

It's been good so far here in Austria. Yesterday I was somewhat tired all day due to the early flights and leaving Ratlinghope (my home in Shropshire) very early in what were pretty terrible conditions! I was in fact quite happy to get to Birmingham airport at all.

I looked around the presidential Palace of Vienna yesterday afternoon. This is a historical trip that showed some of the history of Vienna and those that have ruled here. It has been pretty cold but not as cold as Sweden was last week!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow sessions and building on what we did today. Those on the session please download the course plans.
Take care have fun and speak soon




Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sweden Day two Exercise Plans


Here in Helsingborg’s now after a great second day of training. We focused on push around’s and then used one of my courses from last weekends CCAD to work on. This proved useful establishing the fastest lines and quickest turns to make when looking at a course for the first time.

(the course plan used and the actual course from Sunday in Sweden are slightly different)

Tomorrow I am taking a Ferry, a train, a plane and finally my car to get home in the evening!

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend in Sweden; The participants on the course and Theresa and Patrik for organising it. AKA Nutsforagility

Enjoy the exercise plan and the course plan:

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Update from Sweden Sat 19th January


Right now I am in Kungbacka, North West Sweden. Its been a record high of -10 today. A cold winter wonderland it is here!

I was very happy to even make it out of the UK yesterday with all the snow that hit, major travel disruption and flight cancelations. I decided to leave the house Thursday night and stay in a Travelodge near Manchester airport, just to make sure I got to the airport okay.

Today I had the first day of seminars. The venue is nice and big, indoors but not heated. I have had the group of 12 slit into two groups of 6 for most of the day.  This has worked well and allowed us to do plenty of work, and also stay warm!

Today’s exercise plans are below:

Tomorrow (Sunday) I have the second day of seminars, and then the return 3 hour train journey to Malmo in South Sweden. I will stay the night in Malmo before flying back Monday night.

Speak soon


Friday, 11 January 2013

International CCAD March 16th 2013

Hello Everyone,
Here are details of another course analysis day to be held on March 16th, in Worcester. Please tell your friends and don't miss out on this super opportunity to take part, the CCAD on January 12th filled up quickly, and I am expecting a large interest in this day also!
March 16th 2013

Lee Gibson & David Russell present: CCAD (Supporting WAO team England Spain 2013)

(International) Comprehensive Course Analysis Day

Courses from recent EO, WAO, IFCS and FCI World Championships will be used.

To be held:

Saturday March 16th 2013

Sandbourne House and Stables,

Baughton on the Hill,

Earls Croome,




(9am course build) 9.30am – 4.30pm (5pm if needed) with a 1 hour lunch break

Featuring team 2013 WAO England Members Lee Gibson (Scott 650mm) & David Russell (Cae 300mm)

This day will include analysis specifically for small dogs with knowledge and input from WAO 2012 World Champion David Russell.


·         The cost will be £35 per handler and dog (inc deposit)

·         The cost for a spectator place is £25 (inc deposit)

·         £5 none-refundable deposit required to confirm your place (both spectator & full place)

Please email to book.

A brief introduction to the second of these exciting and new type of training days:


This day will be different from the existing type of training seminar you may have taken part on, such as the LGT Super Seminar’s. This day will focus on the competing aspect of agility, collectively utilising all the skills you already possess, giving strategies and plans for each course you run.


If you always feel you are “playing safe” or not seeing/selecting the “winning line” until you see someone else do it, and if you feel your handling of a course sometimes ruins your dogs chance of a clear round or even a place, then CCAD is for you.




What will happen during the CCAD?


There will be a course, which we will all run (like a competition. We shall observe but not critique) Once everyone has run, we will then have an in-depth analysis of the entire course, with focus points on –

·         Key points of what we have just witnessed

·         Handling choices & strategies

·         Decision making & line selection

·         Our advice and handling system / choice on particular sections of the course

·         The difference between large, medium and small dog systems


We will then re-walk and repeat the course with our dogs, improving on the last run. Brief feedback will be given to each handler as they finish their runs.


We will cover 2 agility and 2 jumping courses, with a total of 8 runs (4 courses ran twice each)


What standard or level will the courses be?


The courses will be aimed at grade 6&7 level (FCI class3), however this does not mean that a competent grade 4 dog for example, cannot take part. The courses will be taken from past World Championships and International events.


What are the exact aims of the day?


As with the LGT-Super Seminars, specific focus and aims are established before the training day. CCAD is no different. The day is aimed at improving the following skills:


·         Handlers course walking ability

·         Awareness & reading of courses

·         Decision making with confidence

·         Goal setting and planning for each course

·         Knowing how to tackle international courses and trends


Is my dog suitable for this type of day?


The aim of this day is for the handler’s benefit, to increase their knowledge and confidence when planning to run a course at competition, however to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the day, I have prepared a short criteria list:


CCAD Dog Criteria:

·         Dog can be at any level between Grades 4-7

·         Handler to run a dog that is confident with ALL equipment

·         Dog is to be reasonably reliable on weaves and contacts (i.e. handler is prepared to use independence if needed)

·         Dogs with less control are not suitable

·         You may swap dogs between courses if you have two dogs, but can only run each course once when your turn comes around each time.


CCAD Handler Criteria:

·         Anyone who is wanting to improve any of the key points or aims listed above!

·         A fun and outgoing approach, we will work hard with the analysis but the day will also be a lot of fun too!

·         Be willing to help with course changes (this will be greatly appreciated)


Tea and coffee available all day.

I believe that CCAD will be interesting and informative. Look forward to seeing you on the International CCAD on March 16th 2013.

The proceeds from this day are going towards helping cover some of the expenses of representing team England at the WAO 2013 for both myself and David Russell.

We will also be donating a percentage of the takings to team England, helping fund the entire England team on its quest to bring back medals from the WAO 2013 in Spain.
I hope to see you in March!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

LGT Superseminar exercise plans from Jan 6th


Here are my course plans from Sundays LGT Super-Seminar in Worcester. It was another fun day and everyone worked very hard on some challenging exercises.

I have been busy recently, lots of training while the weather has been better which is good. I have a course analysis day this Saturday which promises to be another fun and educational day. There are no more spaces left for this, but there is another one due on March 16th, details will be announced shortly.

I have also loaded up my Olympia video and a video of Sadie, that I have recently loaded on to youtube. Enjoy!


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