Thursday, 20 October 2011



Hello, this week has been so busy I havent had time to reply to half my emails or update on here, but ive found some now!Last weekend I was judging in Tonsberg Norway. All of my classes went really well and I enjoyed the day very much. I decided to wear my suit, and apparently this is not common in Norway for judges to look smart (!) so I got a few strange looks.. however everyone was happy that I had made the effort.

I returned on Monday with a very early flight. The rest of this week has been made up of private lessons and also doing stuff around the house.

Whilst I was away in Norway my mum was out walking my dogs and fell and broke her foot.. its not just a simple break either, but requires pinning and some stretch band inserting. She is having an operation to do all the pinning etc tomorrow, so fingers crossed that goes well.

So of course this week I have learnt how to cook, use the washing machine (I thought it worked by itself but turns out it doesn’t!) and doing other stuff that needs doing.

This weekend I am training with Marc Saunders in Horsham on Saturday on a joint training day we have organised. Then on Sunday I am watching Everton play at Fulham, before returning home Sunday night for a busy week of lessons next week.