Monday, 31 May 2010

Nottingham Show

This last weekend was spent at Nottingham show held near Newark. It was not the best weather for the weekend, very wet on Saturday and very windy on Sunday.

I came away happy but also a little bit left wanting, as in two of the qualifier classes Scott failed to go clear but had great runs.

My best result was 2nd in the Championship Agility Qualifier section, we had 15f in the jumping (my bad handling!) and even though we had 2nd in the agility, it was not enough to get us into the final.

Jack had 5f in each class so also did not make the final. Jack did however come 10th in the Crufts singles class and got 1 point which I was pleased with.

Scott knocked the long jump down, or rather clipped it, in the Crufts singles. It was a good run (in the rain) so I was a little gutted about that. In the Olympia class Sunday we knocked jump 15 down, it was on turn just before a flat tunnel, and up until then the run was great, so again I was a little gutted!

Scott did get an 11th in the grade 7 jumping class earlier in the day.

Today I am relaxing and looking forward to Hinkley show next weekend.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunshine Update

This weekend was so hot. I did training both days, and on Sunday it peaked in the afternoon at 30.4 degree’s. It has been great for the dogs to have the water next to the training venue, as they can submerge themselves inside it and keeps them cool.
I have also been wearing a vest and sandals whilst training, so have some lovely tan lines also, as well as some sore burning where the sun did catch me!
Next weekend is Nottingham show, and there are many qualifiers and important classes to run at that show, so I am looking forward to it.
Last Wednesday we had a training evening at LGT, it was a huge success and all the dogs benefited a lot from having it. It was also good fun and everyone enjoyed it.
Best wishes for now

Monday, 17 May 2010

Dog Vegas (Scunthorpe)


We arrived home very late last night from Dog Vegas show, up at Scunthorpe. It was a lovely weekend and we had some excellent results.

I ran mums dog Flynn in a grade 3 agility class to push him on, and we pushed quite hard because he won the class and is now grade 4! It was an excellent run and for a big dog he shaped the turns very well. Mum also got a 6th with him in another grade 3 class.

Talking of tight turns, Scott had a 1st and a 3rd in grade 7 jumping classes. Some of his shaping in turns i was very pleased with. As there were no qualifiers or championship classes I was practicing things I needed to work on and I was most pleased. Sunday was not quite so good as we did not manage a clear but the mistakes were small and mostly mine (timing!)

Jack had a 2nd, 3rd and 4th this weekend too. He was pretty consistent and worked nicely.

Well done to Sue & Ali, two of the handlers I train from the Hereford group who won the Lazer pairs. Very good. Scott and Drift did not make it very far, shall we say!

I am preparing for the LGT training night on Wednesday (so much to sort out!), should be good fun and I think the weather should be nice also.
Regards for now


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wednesday 12th


This weekend is going to be spent up North at Dog Vagas show. I am looking forward to it. No champ or qualifiers but it will be good fun, can train a few things and work on my timing with Scotty.

Last Sunday I was guilty of a few handling mistakes, but the dogs ran well. This week has been pretty busy and I have been setting up some difficult weave and tunnel exercises for everyone.

Have just sent off my entry to the British Team World Championship selection day too, which is the end of June.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Well done's

I am at Tunbridge Wells show at the moment, or rather Gatwick airport Travelodge. Today I had a 14th place in the Olympia qualifer class with Scott but the main reason I am writing is to say well done to Alice & Christine Moodie and Dave Russel who all made the Championship final at Beacon today. Well done.

Best of all David got the reserve CC with Cae. Very proud well done. It was great to get the call from the show!!


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Vyne Show


Well done to Mary (G3 jumping) and Barry (Grade 1 Agility), both winning classes at Shrewsbury show Sunday when I was judging at UKA. Well done.

Monday I was at Vyne show. Scotts first runs back and he loved it. I am looking forward to the season starting properly now. His only mistakes were my handling errors as I did get rather excited at times when we were going around!

Jack made the champ final, although the final run was not our best! Never mind. On to Tunbridge Wells this weekend...


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010

UKA Masters & Shrewsbury 6-7 Classes


Saturday I judged at Shrewsbury show, and Sunday the UKA Masters at GT Agility. It did rain a lot today (Sunday) but it was still a great day and handlers did well around the courses.
Well done to all the winners today at the UKA Masters class.
Well done to Miranda Watson for qualifing for the Dog Vagas final at Shrewsbury, very well done to Georgina Baker and Crumble, two wins this weekend. You made my course look easy! Lots of other well dones too... I shall update soon.
Here is the jumping lay out. Click on the courses to expand:

Shrewsbury 6-7 Combined class:

I have the UKA Masters Agility class (Also the Shrewsbury 6 & 7 Graded class to upload soon)


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