Thursday, 26 April 2012

Update, training and Sadie

Been ages since I have written on here.
Here is a summary of what has happened since:
My final days in Luxembourg were super. We did some great exercises on the last day and had a mock competition. I was really well looked after at the week and enjoyed my time there very much.
Last week I was training a lot in rain. Huge amounts of rain! The weather recently has been really bad. String wind, heavy rain and limited sunshine.
We were due to go to Lincoln show for the whole weekend, but in the end I went just for the EO selection day. Unfortunately I (despite no Eliminations all day) finished 9th overall, and the top 8 were taken.
The conditions were horrible. Mud, rain and hail stones. Scott works a lot better on a true surface and on Saturday we had 2 runs with 5 faults due to poles or Scott slipping on the wet ground. I did manage a high place in the jumping round though. I was disappointed not to be selected but accept the decision in good sport.
This week again has been busy, lessons every day and again very wet weather. Friday I fly to Prague and will judge for 2 days in the Czech capital, before doing a 2 day seminar on Monday and Tuesday.
I have one other piece of news:
I have a new puppy (Probably the reason I have had no time to write on here!) she is called Sadie and my Taddymoor Scott is her uncle. She is out of Taddymoor Roy.
Enjoy the pics!