Monday, 31 October 2011

Lee Gibson Training Day Sunday November 20th

Lee Gibson Training Day Sunday November 20th

A super seminar focusing on:
Line selection
Drive/send away (into/onto various obstacles)

Please note:

Il use contact pieces but recommend that people have reasonable contacts as we wont be training contact methods specifically

I will be splitting the group of 8 up into 2 groups of 4 with 2 separate exercises running simultaneously. You will get a lot of work done on this intense session!

Held at:

Sandbourne House and Stables,
Baughton on the Hill,
Earls Croome,

Morning Grades 3 / 4 and Basic grade 5
8 spaces 9.30am – 12.30pm
£30 per person

Afternoon Advanced grade 5, grades 6 and 7
8 Spaces 1.30pm – 4.30pm
£30 per person

(Times include any set up/pack away/moving of equipment)

To book please contact Lee Gibson


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wales WAO Selection day courses Sunday Oct 30th

Wales WAO Selection day courses
(also used in Norway –Tonsberg 15th/16th Oct 2011)
Today (Sunday) I have been down at Gloucester judging the WAO Wales team selection day. It had 1 jumping course, 2 x agility, a gamblers and a speed stakes.
Some of the course plans are slightly different from the actual course due to the venue size, but the most of it is okay.

Jumping round

Speed Stakes

Agility round 2 & Tonsberg Agility Large Class 3 (Sunday)

Agility round one & Small/Medium Agility 3 Tonsberg Norway (Saturday)

Thanks to everyome for a good day and well done to everyone who qualified.


Friday, 28 October 2011

LGT Update

This week & weekend.

After a fairly buys week of lessons I have an equally busy weekend coming up. This week has been good for training (except for Thurs as the weather was shocking!) Tuesday night we had the first competition night at training classes. It went well and afterwards some of us went for a brilliant Chinese buffet. I can’t quite put into words how good it was at the buffet, but if anyone wants to experience it again, we will be back soon! As many of you know, I like my food, and an unlimited amount of food... well, say no more!

I have also been very active this week in the evenings, mostly playing for my football team also. We have had two wins (Monday & Thursday) and are top of the Monday night league with an unbeaten record. I have been playing again tonight too, but not competitively, just a training match with my friends in Church Stretton. A good work out all the same.

Earlier today I was reinforcing ‘Zeds’ contacts and weaves. As mum is on crutches until Christmas, I have been training her dogs, and being such a nice day today I decided to train speed up his weaves and contacts using some simple positive methods, which worked well. I have not trained my own dogs for a while now, as they are on rest. Scott trained very well before the Worlds, so some time off is vital now, before we start prepping for Olympia.

This week has also been quite demanding for me, I had to do the weekly shopping myself at the supermarket Thursday. It was like a cattle market in there. I am sure I nearly ran over a few kids with my trolley full of shopping!

Saturday I am planning to tune in to Everton vs Manchester United on the radio, before some lessons later in the afternoon. In the evening I am out into Shrewsbury which should be fun, before an early start Sunday morning where I need to drive to Gloucester to judge the Wales WAO team selection day. I have one jumping class, 2 agility classes, a gamblers and a speed stakes class to judge, so it could be quite a long day with all the various highs that WAO have, although I am hoping to speed through it quite quickly!

Next week sees me giving more lessons as normal. Next weekend I am on the road again, heading to Falkirk in Scotland for a 2 day training seminar, which should be fun. I am flying up from Birmingham to Scotland on Friday 4th Nov, returning Mon 7th.

Enjoy the weekend. I will write again soon, probably after the selection day with some course plans to upload. I am using some of my courses I recently used in Tonsberg Norway, which all worked well!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Training weekend review

Training weekend review:

Last weekend I was in Horsham training with Marc Saunders. The day started early at 9.30am, Marc and I were there by 9 setting up. We decided on our combinations in the planning stage, and we had made sequences that allowed us to demonstrate various ways and methods to handle different sequences.

For the morning group I was using a combination that included a pull through and discrimination of tunnel entrances. The sequence also allowed the dogs to see decoy obstacles, meaning that handlers had to connect with their dogs and not allow them to drift!

The afternoon group was focused more on finding the best line and acceleration for the dogs. The combination was quite tough, with a couple of go around the backs coupled with discrimination skills. The handlers did well but we managed (with the use of the stop watch!) to take almost 0.7 out of 5 obstacles within the sequences. It is savings like this that can be vital at grade 6&7 level.

Both of the groups did really well. It was a successful day and I look forward to the next one in November.

This week I have lessons and am maybe going to do a small training session at the weekend on Saturday. On Sunday I have to judge the WAO Wales selection day down in Gloucester.

I have been organising next years seminars, looks like many weekends on the road and air miles. It is great to be busy and I am really looking forward to visiting some new countries in the next few months.



Thursday, 20 October 2011



Hello, this week has been so busy I havent had time to reply to half my emails or update on here, but ive found some now!Last weekend I was judging in Tonsberg Norway. All of my classes went really well and I enjoyed the day very much. I decided to wear my suit, and apparently this is not common in Norway for judges to look smart (!) so I got a few strange looks.. however everyone was happy that I had made the effort.

I returned on Monday with a very early flight. The rest of this week has been made up of private lessons and also doing stuff around the house.

Whilst I was away in Norway my mum was out walking my dogs and fell and broke her foot.. its not just a simple break either, but requires pinning and some stretch band inserting. She is having an operation to do all the pinning etc tomorrow, so fingers crossed that goes well.

So of course this week I have learnt how to cook, use the washing machine (I thought it worked by itself but turns out it doesn’t!) and doing other stuff that needs doing.

This weekend I am training with Marc Saunders in Horsham on Saturday on a joint training day we have organised. Then on Sunday I am watching Everton play at Fulham, before returning home Sunday night for a busy week of lessons next week.


Friday, 14 October 2011

Tonsberg Seminars


Just a quick update from an ever increasing cold Tonsberg in Norway. This week I have been doing seminars with the students, focusing on crossing behind the dog (rear cross) and turn collection and preparation. All of the sessions have gone very well and I have had good feedback, which is always pleasing.

Saturday I am judging the following:

Class 1,2,3 Agility Small & Medium

Team Agility Small & Medium

Sunday I am judging the following:

Class 1,2,3 Large Agility

Team Agility Large

I have some good courses planned. I will post them up here after the event. It is a nice warm heated indoor venue tomorrow & Sunday, so I am dressing smart this week!

I fly back in to England on Monday morning.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Update Post WC


This is probably the first time I have had chance to update since I came back from the WC.. and right now I am in Norway doing a week of training seminars before judging here in Tonsberg. It really never stops atm. I was in the UK for about 20hours before flying off again yesterday, I will return next Monday.

My results at the WC were as follows:

Individual Jumping C placed 35th

Scott’s round was good, it was the slippery carpet and we struggled a bit at first, losing some time on some skids, but overall I was happy.

Team Jumping GB 5f placed 2nd

We were winning the team jumping round until the second last team, who did 3 clears but were 7 seconds slower. Team GB did such a good job in that class. Scott’s round was ranked 7th quickest of the day on that course, I am very happy with that result.

Team Agility GB 2 x C & 1 E. Sadly for me it was my round that had the E. Scott turned wide again due to the carpet, and he skidded into and jumped the side of the long jump. I was gutted, but Anthony Clarke & Greg Derrett were such good team mates that I didn’t feel bad for too long, it was great being on such a quality team.

Many people offered support, but I am more focused on the massive positives we took from the event. We will be better and stronger next time for all the experiences (good & bad) and I want to compete on the world stage again!

Individual Agility 10f Scott skidded into the correct weave, but could not maintain any grip for the second weave. After that part of the course, the rest of the round was brilliant and I was very happy after it, despite the faults on the weave.

Overall Ranked 40th.

Here is the video of the team Jumping round.

Well done to all of Team GB at the worlds. They all did a super job and our country proud.

For now, I am teaching all week in the Norwegian Sunshine. Il update again soon.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday Morning Training Session

Team GB training session.

Okay, just a quick update. The rest of the GB team arrived at the hotel yesterday (Weds) and we had a delayed team meeting at 9.00pm. The atmosphere in the team was good and everyone was anticipating the event with excitement.

This morning we had an early alarm call for the team training session. The GB team broke the course up into 3 lanes, and the large, medium & small all took a lane, swapping on every 6 mins.

The surface was very slippy. Much more so than the astro-turf we have been training on, but I felt that Scott adapted quite well as the session went on. I did everything I wanted to do and we all said we were happy afterwards.

So now Im back at the hotel. The rest of the day is ours. Tonight we have a buffet meal for the team and then its early to bed, ready for Individual Jumping round tomorrow morning, after the opening ceremony, which starts around 8am.

Individual Large jumping is first up, and I am running order 48. Right now I just want to get started and get into that competition ring.. I am excited and looking forward to running with the GB flag on my shirt.

Live feed can be accessed from the site.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

WC France - travel day & arrival

We have arrived in our hotel in France. Today was a fairly long drive from Shropshire down to Marcs house in Crawley, then on to the channel tunnel and on to the Hotel 12 miles north of Lieven in France.

Tonight we all had a nice meal in the local town. The food was good and we managed to remain quite orderly in the resturant!

Scott has had a quite easy day, lots of time in the van and in my room sleeping and relaxing. It will be nice to catch up with some sleep overnight and relax again tomorrow.

Tomorrow we intend to visit the WC venue after breakfast, followed by some down time. The rest of the GB team arrive tomorrow afternoon, with a team meeting in the hotel tomorrow night.

Will update again tomorrow.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Leaving for the World Champs - France


Just a review of Chippingham show, a lovely hot weekend, but I only ran 3 courses to train Scotty over the contacts ect. I was not going to push very hard. In fact it was so hot that the dogs kind of just liked to relax rather than run.

Monday I had a light session with Greg & Anthony which went really well. We are all just waiting to get out to France now though.

Tuesday 4th

By the time most of you are reading this I will be on the road heading for France. I take the ETunnel accross to France at Midday Tuesday, with a rest day Wednesday to follow which is also my Birthday, but there will be no wild celebrations this year.. not until after this week is out at least!

Thursday 6th is the training day. GB is training at 8.19am - 8.39am. So a fairly early start.

Friday 7th is Indiviual Jumping

Saturday 8th is the Team event, both Agility & Jumping

Sunday 9th is the Indiviual Agility final round.

Thank you to everyone for all the good luck messages, it is really great to feel the support of Great Britain behind us, its an even bigger incentive (as if I needed one!) to go out there and do GB proud. Thank you.

Il keep you updated.