Friday, 13 May 2011

Seminars & Judging in Northern Finland:

Seminars & Judging in Northern Finland:

12th May – 25th May

This is where I am now, about to start day two of my 8 days of seminars. I am in Oulu until Sunday evening, then I move to Rovaniemi until Wednesday, and then on to Tornio until Friday. Then I head back to Oulu to judge for two days, before flying to Helsinki for 3 days. It is a busy week or so!

Beacon Show

Beacon Show:

Sunday 8th May

Had a good day competing on the Sunday. Scotty was early to run in the EO qualifier, and he has been going so well I really wanted to get some more points. The course was good and challenging (especially picking up a long jump after a tunnel under a-frame which caused problems all through the class) but I enjoyed working it. Scott was flying around as he had not run Saturday and probably thought he had missed out. Any hows out of 100 odd dogs we finished 2nd to Alan Bray, which now means I have 15 points already, 12 more than the whole of last year!

Jack also finished 10th in the EO class. I trained the other agility as we have been pushing so much lately.

Well done to Wendy Williams for her first Grade 3 win with her new dog Fern, a nice jumping round. Some of my students have been doing very well recently, will have to watch my back I think!

Beacon Championship Judging

Beacon Championship Judging:

Saturday 7th May

I was kindly asked to do my first Championship appointment by Beacon Club last weekend. I was happy to judge the class and enjoyed the day a lot.

I wanted to design courses that tested all the elements (over three rounds) that a grade 7 Championship course should do. I put in independent weaves, contacts, go-abounds at various points. I also included wrong end of tunnel, obstacle discrimination, straight line speed & handling sections (front crosses / cross behinds etc)

I will upload the course plans but once I am back from my latest trip (2 weeks in Finland training seminars & judging) because I want to use the courses there too!

Well done the Nicola Garrett & Indie for winning the Small dog Ticket, and well done to Ashleigh Butler with Pudsy for winning the Medium dog Ticket.

Thanks to all the great feedback I had whilst judging and after the event. I was people like the challenge of what Championship should be. I always say quality comes through in the end, and the final proved that in a thrilling climax.  for more course plans!