Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dashin Dogs Show Review

Well this is definitely one of the more upbeat LGT blog posts. Scotty won two grade 4 agility classes at Dashin Dogs last weekend. He was fab, and worked really hard to keep the poles up.

Over the whole weekend we only knocked 2 down, and all the runs showed composure one some hard courses. Our clear round percentage was also 50% again, which is pleasing. One of the agility courses had a tough dog walk entry, but Scott (with the help of me putting him out a bit!) was fine onto it. Looking back at the video I am so pleased with his contacts, as I really can just leave him on them. It gave me several advantages in the two classes we won.

Jack and Che also did very well in their grade 7 classes, having 4 top 3 places in total. They were some hard starts which required a decent start line wait, something Jack and Che are very good at, which enabled me to recall through a gap to the far side of a box! (Jacks run is on the end of Scotts video)

Last week I also did a lot of training with Scott. I decided to actually work really tight to him, to practice him keeping his poles up. We did several push rounds also, something I will develop further over the coming months. However I decided to do some tight pushing handling on some of the jumping courses, and Scott coped really well, no poles, just one missed weave entry.

I am off to Belfast this weekend, I fly from Birmingham at 7am Thursday morning, where I will conduct a training seminar Thursday afternoon/evening, and then judge Saturday & Sunday. I intend to take my laptop with me and update what I’ve been up to, I’m not taking any dogs but I think it will be good fun.

Scott’s video of his weekend and two wins is below. Gina and myself spent another day working on an exciting media project yesterday... more will be revealed soon!!

All the best, Lee

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