Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The first LGT post

Well everyone seems to be jumping on the blog band waggon, so if you cant beat them join them I guess.

I will be posting when im out and about, cause I have pre historic dial up at home, but il try and keep the blog up todate.

Today I did one lesson in the morning, and it rained all day. I live in Shropshire by the way, and today it felt like December!!

I will post LGT news on here, as well as results and congratulations, and anything else that could be of concern...

actually having read some blogs I dont think they do need to be of concern do they?

here is my favourite song at the moment!!


Hope everyone is well, please feel free to reply, comment, rate or watever you wish!

Im going home for some dinner now, been a long day ;)


Birthe said...

Hi there Lee!
Nice blog! You have already one fan now of this blog ;).. I'll come and visit when I think about it..

Take care x

Lee Gibson Training said...

Thanks Birthe.

I have got your email and I promise I will reply soon :)