Monday, 8 September 2008

LGT - Sunday

Hey everyone.

With the shows being called off, I put on a relaxed training day for everyone at LGT. Thanks for the great support and it also stayed dry which was a bonus!

We did some exercises about directing dogs into some hard weave entries and were comparing the use of front crosses and cross behinds. Then we worked an exercise with the tunnel under a-frame, this proved to be difficult if the handlers got drawn into the space. I was teaching that if the obstacles are close together, then the dog needs space to work in, or they get “pushed” into the tunnel.

We then had a lunch break, a nice spread that everyone helped put together. After lunch we then had a go at a complete course which we worked several ways. It did have traps in it but depening on body language and shaping/the quing of the dog you could make it easier!
I ran Scott all day, he was good and after some of my weave entry training he got all the entries which was pleasing.

Well done everyone for a fun and worthwhile day, you all worked really well!
As for this week, I have very busy week training, but the forecasts are not great. I have my doubts about next weekend’s show if it carries on like this!
Speak soon - Lee


Kasanga said...

Hi how are you?
well you got very nice photos.
I like the greenish.
Hahaa hope we can be friends,Im new here so I don't know how most of the features work here may be you can help.
Take care.

Lee Gibson Training said...


Thanks I am glad you like the pictures!

As you can probably tell because my posts are all over the place, I havent quite worked out how to format them properly!

I will try harder next time. I read your profile. All the best -