Sunday, 14 December 2008

LGT Workshop DVD - Out Now

Hey everyone...

It is finally done!!! I have copied the text below from my website:

"The eagerly anticipated LGT Workshop DVD is now available.

It is my pleasure to introduce the new Training DVD from LGT. With six separate chapters studying Common Traps, Weaves, Contacts, Obstacle Discrimination, Waits and Working Courses, the LGT Workshop DVD gives structure and explanation to what you should be training with your dog, and why.

In a watchable and entertaining format, the DVD not only introduces and applies key training skills that Lee has developed, but also gives examples, course plans, summary pages and various demonstrations of how to teach, assess and build on the skills being taught."
Find out more at and click DVD page or click the image above.
I would like to thank my co-producer Gina Graham for all her hard work and dedication to make this project happen!! Many Thanks.

Best wishes - Lee

ps - LGT xmas dinner pics coming soon, well done for the attendance and dress code!!


Bali said...

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Happy holidays.

Lee Gibson Training said...

Okay, I will do. Always fancied a trip there!!

Kenny Spottiswoode said...

As it was such a bargain price Lee I decided to buy your DVD.

I watched it this morning and I thought it was really good, for the price you have put loads of stuff in there. I'm a fan of DVD's for training as you can play them back and your's has loads to play back too.

Well Done Lee. Will there be others?

Lee Gibson Training said...

Thank you Kenny. Im glad you liked it and can use it in your training. I am going to do a second one, over the next 12-18 months, with a specif focus, but as you can see, we put a lot into this one and im pleased to take some time off!

Best Wishes - Lee Gibson