Sunday, 11 January 2009

Scotts Jumping Win

I am really buzzing at the moment!

I was competing at Wilmslow Saturday, and had a fantastic days agility. I was joking on the way to the show that we should all start as we mean to go on, but I am now really hoping that is going to be the case.

Firstly, Jack fresh from a decent rest gave a belting run in the grade 7 jumping class, and beating some quality dogs finished 2nd. He also had a 7th in the agility. I felt he was jumping with much more freedom and I hope that style will keep. Jack will be entering all the championship classes (well when I’m in the UK!) that he can this year.

Secondly, Che had 3 nice runs and managed a 9th in the grade 7 agility class. He always has fun and I know what I can realistically expect from him this season.
Thirdly, Scott. To be fair we probably have used up the allocated Clears for January but Saturday Scott was great. I felt he was using his body more on the 2nd phase of the turns (as a result of the new exercise iv e been doing – although he still has work to do!!) and I did some front pick-ups and although we rattled a couple of poles, we only knocked one down all day.

In the 3-5 combined agility Scott came 5th, 1.4 behind the winner. He was controlled on the contacts but worked the course lovely.

In the 4-5 jumping, Scott had a belting run and won by 0.2. I was really pleased as the course had a lot of 180degree turns in it, and I was pretty sure we would knock at least one pole, but he didn’t. It was fantastic starting to see what he can really do.

I have a video of Scotts win, and I’m working on getting it up here as soon as I can. It will be here this week!

Had two lessons today in quite literally gale force winds, it was nice to see the temperature at + rather than 0 or -8 as it was at one point last week!

Regards to all – Lee – Workshop DVD now out


Dani said...

Sounds like a great day!!
Want to know how you are working on these turns. I too had a great day sunday, with Lily winning her 1st trophy for 2nd place, and a clear in the other course too. She is only grade 1, but its only her 5th show, yet her 3rd place and 5th clear round!! Video will be on youtube tonight, and you can se how wide she turns. Loses so much time!!

Lee Gibson Training said...


Yeah ive been teaching this turn I learnt in Finland. It seems to be working but we have only had one show!

Well done you.. fantastic days results.

Im still trying to load the video!!