Sunday, 5 April 2009

Scunthorpe Review: Jacks 3rd in Champ class final

Saturdays show at Scunthorpe was brilliant. I had a very successful day, culminating in Jack finishing 3rd in the Championship agility final. A fantastic run, and a close thing behind Alan Bray and Lorna Peachy who both had great final runs. It was Jacks highest placing in a Championship final class, and I was very proud. Jack was the only dog of the day to have 3 clear runs in all of the Championship classes also, which is a nice statistic.

The Jumping section was first. Che decided to only weave 10 out of 12 weaves, but Jacks run was faultless. He finished 5th in that class. In the agility class he came a respectable 9th, but overall was 2nd best qualifier, meaning we ran 2nd to last in the final.

The other runs of the day were almost playing second fiddle. I did not even walk 2 of Scotts classes, so he had an excuse for knocking a pole down 2 jumps from the end of the jumping class, as I put in a pointless turn that was not needed. However we did get round the agility class, finishing 9th, I had to hold the contacts for an age as hadn’t seen too many clears, but we were 3 seconds of first place when I checked.

I have also brought a Wall Jump for our training venue, which will be great for the dogs to practice on. I carried it up today after 7 hours of training... I am just about ready for a long sleep!!

This week I am again busy with lessons, before jetting off to Sweden on Thursday to judge at a show over the weekend. I am looking forward to the trip very much. I will also be doing a training day at some point whilst I am over there.

Best wishes to all – Lee


Alice Moodie said...

Well done with Jack!!!! Sounds like you had a good day! Have a good time in Sweden! And you never know i might get to see you at some point :P haha havent seen you since the lesson i had before crufts :O:O:O:O:O
Alice and Pip

Alice Moodie said...

p.s nice picture of Jack!

Lee Gibson Training said...

Hey Alice,

Good luck at TAG show, I think there will be loads of people I train at that show :)

I will enjoy Sweden, not the 7am Judging start though!!

Alice Moodie said...

Yer i think there are quiet alot!
Haha good luck with getting up early :P we dont have to leave home till 7:30 to get there for about 7:50 haha :P :P