Monday, 11 May 2009

EO/Crufts Singles Course Plan from Tunbridge Wells

Here is my course plan from Sunday at Tunbridge Wells show. The obstacle discrimination was tested from the wall to the weaves. It was a great course and was really fun to judge. Many thanks for the ring staff and everyone that helped!

On Saturday Scott had a 2nd in G5 jumping, but knocked a pole in the Novice Olympia class, so we will have to qualify for the 6-7 Olympia instead if we are going to get there.

Jack won grade 7 jumping also, which I was really pleased about. He did very well.

Enjoy the course.



Lucy said...

Lovely course Lee. It ran better than it walked :)

Hudsondoglets said...

It was a brilliant course and I didn't get round it but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge!


Lee Gibson Training said...

Cheers guys, it was a fun course to judge too!

Regards - Lee