Sunday, 3 May 2009

Scott wins into Grade 6


We have just been competing at Shrewsbury show this weekend, and it has been a great weekend of results for my dogs and those of you who train at LGT. Firstly I would like to say a few well done’s (I hope I remember everyone’s places!) to Brigit & Lilly who won grade 1 small agility, Wendy & Maisy who won g5 Jumping at Dordale, Aljeana & Amy for several top 4 places over the weekend in Scotland and for also making the Small Championship final.

Sara and Menna for winning the G6 agility class and also Ray & Spike for coming 2nd in the same class! Well done to David and Cae for winning small G6 jumping also, and the many other places that everyone else got. Lyn and Drift, Miranda & Fly, Ceri & Celta, Janet & Codi, Alice & Pip (2nd?). If I have missed anyone off...
As for me, well its been great with regard to Scott. I have been running at a slightly higher tempo this weekend and it has worked well. Scott managed to knock only one pole all weekend, and won 2 x G5 agility classes. He was really working so well. The runs felt so competent, which pleased me. We also had a 5th place Saturday too.

Che & Jack also had some good places in the g7 classes. We had some good courses this weekend and some testing handling sequences to work out, but I was very pleased with the weekends collection of places, obvisously capped with Scotts two wins.

Monday we head to Vyne. Best wishes for now – Lee

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Alice Moodie said...

Well done this weekend!!!! Youve had great one!!!! Also thanks again for running pip in the 6-7 jumping!!!!
Alice xxx