Sunday, 21 June 2009

Norway update

Hello from Tonsberg, Norway.
I have managed to get internet so I can update this blog! Yesterday I was judging Class 1,2&3 (agility&jumping) at Sanderford. It was a lovely venue with a bowling green surface, the weather was pretty fine too, and the courses ran well.
Here is the class 2 agility course plan:
I had been staying at the Atlantic Hotel, Sanderford but am now back in Tonsberg for the rest of the weeks seminars. Sanderford is steeped in history related to its Whale Hunting past. The hotel was full of artefacts related to hunting, and there are constant reminders as you walk around the town.

It is quite an abstract emotion you feel as you come accustomed to the sense that the whole town has been made what it is today by a hugely unpopular and controversial hunting activity. I even get a sense that some of the people who come from this area are proud about the past.

The town is indeed lovely, and there are lots of tourists here. The people are really friendly too, both at the show and around the town (I went to the nightspot area on my own Saturday night!) but Sanderford would not appeal to any green peace activists, I can say that much!

For the rest of the week I am working very hard... 8am – 11am and 60pm – 9pm everyday. We are going to cover lots of training concepts and idea’s, and I am very much looking forward to the week ahead!

The Radio Shropshire interview is not available on the iplayer I’m afraid, but I am hoping to get the radio edit at some point!


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